The Drudgeon reviews Children Of The Corn – The Gathering

Children Of The Corn - The Gatheringaka Children Of The Corn IV – The Gathering
85 min., 1996
Written by Stephen Berger/Greg Spence
Directed by Greg Spence
Language: English
My rating: ★

The series had to go to the shitter at some point.

* * *

The movie begins in the town of Grand Isle with June Rhodes (Karen Black) going to her door and she sees a kid (who we find out later is named Josiah (Brandon Kleyla)) with a wound on his hand.  She lets him in and gets some supplies for the wound.  As she takes his temperature blood starts to poor out, then he falls over.  When she goes to help him, he turns to attack, than she wakes up.  We next meet Grace Rhodes (Naomi Watts) who is heading back home because of her mother’s condition.  She gets there and we meet the local doctor, Doc Larson (William Windom), and her sister Margaret (Jamie Renée Smith) and her brother James (Mark Salling).  While taking care of her mother she decides to help out at the local doctor’s office, and then all of a sudden all of the kids in town start to get really bad fevers.  After a rough night the fevers seem to disappear but the kids are now starting to act pretty strange.  Can Grace and local dad Donald (Brent Jennings) stop the kids or will Josiah get revenge on the town?

The only decent actor in the movie is Naomi Watts and everyone else is either overdoing it like crazy or they are just sleeping though it.  Now I am a fan of Karen Black and most of the time she does a really great job but something went horribly wrong in this movie.  She is supposed to be losing it, I understand that, but she is just way too over-the-top with her performance.  Instead of just conveying an emotion she pretty much yells it at the top of her lungs.  A little subtlety would have done this movie some good.  On the other end is Brent Jennings.  He pretty much didn’t care to be in this movie at all and it really shows.  Even during a dramatic scene he is pretty much just drooling out his lines.  Just terrible all around with the exception of Naomi Watts, but then again maybe she wasn’t all that great and her costars’ terrible performances just made her look better?

The effects of this movie are a full step down from part three.  They are just okay and there is nothing new about them.  Most of the kills are bland or pointless and the execution isn’t handled with much care.  It’s like a lot of the acting in that it just felt very lazy.  Now, were there any good kills in the movie?  Only a few.  Most of them take place off screen and the ones that do appear are pretty lame or goofy.  A good example of this is when Doc Larson is killed.  It could have been such a great kill, but it just looked incredibly silly.

In the end this is just a really poorly done movie.  One question that I have is, why is this movie among the Children Of The Corn series?  Is it because there is a cornfield?  Does that mean that Field Of Dreams is part of the COTC series?  You can’t have a Nightmare On Elm Street movie without Freddy, so a movie that has some children and a cornfield that is in the background isn’t a COTC movie.  The movie is more of a vengeful ghost story instead of a COTC movie and that is just a really lame move.  My other problem with the movie is the use of signs.  Everything in this movie has a sign and the camera hangs on every sign so you can piece together exactly what is going to happen next.  It’s just lame.  Also, a lot of the kills are just extremely poorly set up.  This is just a really bad movie from beginning to end.

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2 Responses to The Drudgeon reviews Children Of The Corn – The Gathering

  1. John Bruni says:

    I can see the COTC/Field of Dreams crossover movie now. BUILD IT, AND THEY WILL SCREAM. It’ll be a Syfy picture starring a washed-up B-lister as Kevin Costner’s character.

    • Lackey says:

      He Who Walks Behind the Rows turns out to be Shoeless Joe Jackson…in other words, Ray Liotta. There’s a certain poetic justice to that.

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