The Drudgeon reviews Pig Hunt

Pig Hunt 99 min., 2008
Written by Robert Mailer Anderson/Zack Anderson
Directed by James Isaac
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

City boys vs. rednecks vs. hippies vs. a giant fucking boar!

* * *

Five friends decide to go into the wild for some hunting.  We have John Hickman (Travis Aaron Wade) and his girlfriend Brooks (Tina Huang), tough-talker Ben (Howard Johnson Jr.), tag-along Wayne (Rajiv Shah), meek Quincy (Trevor Bullock) and his dog Wolfgang.  The place where they are heading, Hickman Ranch, is where John was raised by his uncle, who was killed while hunting drunk.  While getting directions from a gas station, Brooks meets a strange machete wielding hippie (Bryonn Bain) and after a bit of a standoff they part ways.  Once they get there the place is in bad shape so they camp outside.  John and Brooks are woken by two of John’s old friends, Jake (Jason Foster) and Ricky (Nick Tagas).  They are convinced to take the city boys (and girl) with them to hunt some boar.  While hunting Wayne has his kneecap taken off by a boar which means that they pretty much have to stop and Wolfgang runs off.  Quincy goes after him and ends up finding a field of pot plants.  This whole time Ricky and Jake keep talking about The Ripper, who is a giant three thousand pound boar.  Does The Ripper really exist and what is up with the hippies who are raising emus?

The acting in this movie is surprisingly good (especially since I was expecting another Sci-Fi Maneater movie), with the best being Jason Foster and Nick Tagas.  Now the rest of the cast is good, but those two take the cake.  They come off as extremely creepy and slimy but at the same time they aren’t really trying to cause any real harm, they just like messing with the city folk.  Jason Foster is especially good at being the redneck that you just don’t want to fuck with.  He has a hate in his eyes that really makes an impact.  The only real problem I had with the acting is when it came to Trevor Bullock and Howard Johnson Jr. and I really shouldn’t say it was their acting; it was more of the characters that they were playing because they were just so annoying that you were waiting for them to die.  Lastly pay attention to the redneck family, because among them is Les Claypool.  If you don’t know who he is, well… let me just put it this way.  He is probably one of the most talented bass players to ever live.  You may not like his music style but you have to at least recognize his talent (he also wrote some of the music for the movie).  He plays his part very well and has some really great lines (even when he dies).

The effects are very nicely done throughout the movie.  A lot of times there are a bunch of really crappy effects and they seem to save the best effects for the big ending, but this movie pays a lot of detail to all of the effects throughout.  The gore is good and when you finally get to see The Ripper (or Hogzilla as Ben calls him, ha ha ha another Godzilla reference bitches), you won’t be disappointed because he looks great.  One of my favorites is what is left of the horse that is left behind and when Ben finds Wayne (just take a look at the leg, awesome).

This is just a fun movie overall.  They seemed to really be having a blast with what they were doing and it helps to push you into the same feeling.  Unlike a lot of horror movies nowadays that feels this need to add comedy during or right after every scare, this movie’s comedy is put in the right spots (except maybe when Ben uses the California Hook).  Speaking of the California Hook, that thing just looks like it would hurt.  You see the California Hook is basically a baseball bat with a garden cultivator taped over the end.  Now there are two specific scenes in the movie that just makes me love it more than I probably should.  First is when Ben and Quincy get to the SUV and find that the tires are flat (not sure if the air was let out or if they were cut).  Normally they would just yell swear words and start running, but not in this movie.  They get in and start driving.  I always wondered why no one ever does this.  Are people who are being chased by a crazy killer that worried about ruining their rims?  If so they probably should die.  The second is when Quincy is trying to get out of the SUV.  He starts kicking the window and instead of it just shattering it spider-webs and it takes him forever to finally make his way out.  It’s just like a real car window, not that I would know anything about that.  Like the tag reads, city boys vs. rednecks vs. hippies vs. a giant fucking boar!  With that being said again you should know exactly what you are getting into if you decide to watch this.

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  1. John Bruni says:

    “Drunk hunting” is kind of redund–wait a minute! Les Claypool?! I might have to seek out this movie . . . .

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