The Drudgeon reviews Children Of The Corn – Revelation

Children Of The Corn - Revelationaka Children Of The Corn VII
82 min., 2001
Written by S.J. Smith
Directed by Guy Magar
Language: English
My rating: ★

Yep there’s one that I forgot!

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Jamie (Claudette Mink) and her grandmother used to be pretty close but ever since she moved into a new place she hasn’t been returning Jamie’s calls.  Jamie decides to go and find out if she is okay.  Once she gets to the place she finds that her grandmother is nowhere to be found.  She goes to the police station and talks with Armbrister (Kyle Cassie) who tries to tell her that it’s probably nothing and to just wait a little bit and her grandmother might show up.  Jamie isn’t very pleased by this but there is nothing that she can really do so on the way back home she stops at a local convenience store and meets two kids and she shows them how to play House Of The Dead.  After that she starts seeing the kids all over the place.  But back at her grandmother’s apartment she gets to meet some of the wonderful neighbors, including a really pissed-off man in a wheelchair (John Destry) and a nice stripper named Tiffany (Crystal Lowe).  Armbrister finally decides to come to the apartment especially after he did a little research about Jamie’s grandmother and the events of her past.  Will Jamie ever find out what happened to her grandmother and what the hell is up with the priest (Michael Ironside) that keeps popping up?

The acting in the Children Of The Corn series is all over the map and this movie is really no different.  Claudette Mink goes from acting great to being completely awful in a matter of seconds.  She can be incredibly believable during one scene but then all of a sudden she just loses focus and her acting goes out the window.  Another time of this happening is with Kyle Cassie.  He can be really good but then like Claudette he just drops the ball.  On the other end is Michael Ironside (who I have been a fan of ever since I saw him in V – The Final Battle) does a really good job.  He plays the priest with a powerful conviction even when he is delivering completely moronic dialogue.  Then again he can (almost) always take a role and turn it into the best.

The effects of the movie are a really mixed bag.  During the movie you get really crappy CGI but then there is some really good practical work.  The bugs (?) coming out of the mouth is really shitty, but the severed head in the refrigerator is really nicely done.  So sometimes you get some really good things, but don’t expect anything great.

This is just another really bad sequel in a really bad series.  They tried to go back to the “original” cult of He Who Walks Behind The Rows, which takes place before the very first movie.  That would have been fine except for the fact that during no other movie do they ever talk about a cult of He Who Walks Behind The Rows that took place before Gatlin.  In talking about this cult that took place before the first movie they are pretty much ignoring everything in the previous movies and you know exactly how much I can’t stand when a movie series does that.  The only real good thing about the movie is Michael Ironside, but even with him doing as good of a job as he did it’s still not worth it.

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  1. John Bruni says:

    I love me some Michael Ironside. If I watch a shitty movie he’s in, at the very least, I know he’ll keep me entertained.

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