The Drudgeon reviews Hostel – Part III

Hostel - Part III 88 min., 2011
Written by Michael Weiss
Directed by Scott Spiegel
Language: English
My rating: ★

A torture movie should never look this clean.

* * *

The movie begins with an unnamed man, who we later learn is named Travis (Chris Coy), entering a hostel and going to his room.  He enters the room and sees a woman, Anka (Evelina), in her underwear; he apologizes and attempts to leave.  She says that it’s no problem as her man, Victor (Nickola Shreli), enters the room.  After some uncomfortable moments they decide to drink together.  Some trouble ensues then we switch to a man named Scott (Brian Hallisay) and his soon to be wife, Amy (Kelly Thiebaud) talking about Scott leaving for the weekend.  Scott’s friend Carter (Kip Pardue) shows up and tells them that they can kiss later when they get back because for the weekend Scott is his.  Instead of going to the place where they told Amy they were going, Carter decides to take him to Vegas.  Once there they meet two of their friends, Justin (John Hensley) and Mike (Skyler Stone).  Mike is the most excited because he is away from his wife and what’s some stripper action.  Justin, having a gimp leg, is having trouble with the ladies and Scott almost cheats on his soon to be wife again.  Scott gets really drunk and wakes up the next day back at the hotel.  The big problem is that Mike isn’t back yet and the group is getting nervous.  Was it Nikki and Kendra or is something more sinister going on?

As far as the acting is concerned in the movie, it’s actually pretty good.  Nothing phenomenal, but most of them do good work.  John Hensley is probably the best overall because he plays the character with a real sense of realism.  Skyler Stone is another that played his role with a strong passion and he turned in a good performance.  Actually the biggest problem along these lines is with the characters themselves.  They are just really stupid character and you are okay every time one of them dies off.  In fact you are just waiting for them to die.

The effects are a mixed bag of great and terrible.  There is a face peeling scene that is really nicely done, but then there is the really terrible CG cockroaches.  The end result of the arm cutting scene is also pretty darn good, but most of the time they don’t show much of anything that is going on.  They will show the aftermath but leave you hanging during each one, which the first two didn’t do.

From the get go this movie tosses out so many “twists” that it’s pretty much throwing up all over you as you watch.  A twist or two in a movie can be a great thing, but this is a perfect example of too many twists killing everything.  You forget about the movie and just yawn until the next twist happens, then you yawn some more.  Then we have the characters themselves.  They are just terrible, most are completely unlikeable and so some of the stupidest things possible.  The character that is actually likeable dies in one of the most boring and drawn out ways possible.  Wait!  Check that!  The cheerleader (you will understand if you watch, but you just shouldn’t watch) death is the worst.  Cockroaches!  Really, death by cockroaches.  Now if she was drowned in cockroaches that would be fucking cool, but the way she dies is just cry worthy, kinda like this whole movie.  The worst thing about the movie is just the overall look.  The first two were dark and gritty and they gave you a since of hopelessness.  This movie was really bright, shiny and clean.  There was no feel of dread or fear because it just looked like a really clean movie set.  Then we have the kills that are all set up like a fucking Vegas show.  The first two movies were very raw with the death and killings, but every kill in this one was just way too set-up.  Hopefully there will be no more sequels!

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  1. John Bruni says:

    One of the things I disliked about the other two HOSTEL movies was that it depended on the fear its audience may or may not have of foreigners. The thing I liked about this HOSTEL is how they turned that completely around by transplanting it to Vegas. I liked how they turned it into a gambling thing (even though no real gambler would ever bet on something that could be fixed so easily), but where it really lost traction is the kills. (That, and the CGI. Remember when Scott Spiegel used physical effects when he had a POV shot from the inside of someone’s mouth?)

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