The Drudgeon reviews Stupid Teenagers Must Die!

Stupid Teenagers Must Die!aka Blood & Guts (Original Title)
76 min., 2006
Written by Curtis Andersen/Jeff C. Smith
Directed by Jeff C. Smith
Language: English
My rating: ★★

Very amateur-looking, but very fun.

* * *

The movie starts with Tiffany (Lindsay Gareth) and her boyfriend Michael (Matthew Blashaw) making out.  After they are done they give us a bit of history about the house they are in.  A while back a man called Murderer McGee killed his entire family in the house.  So Tiffany, Michael and their friends are going to be doing a séance at the house and Michael is supposed to set up some of the props.  Tiffany leaves and as Michael starts setting up her hears some strange sounds and decides to check out a dark room.  Someone attacks him, stabs him to death and drags away the body.  We next meet another couple, Kane (Jovan Meredith) and Julie (Ashley Schneider), who are driving to the house for the séance.  They get there and we meet the rest of the gang.  Toughguy Alfie (Devin Marble), goth Madeline (Renee Dorian), lesbians Sissy (Jamie Carson) and Jamie (Christina DeRosa), and Ryan (Will Deutsch) who is in love with Tiffany.  They talk for a bit and then they decide to start the séance.  Everyone is on board until Madeline pulls out a Ouija board and Kane freaks out and decides to back out.  Suddenly two people appear at the gathering, Geek One (Cory Assink) and Geek Two (Jonathan Brett), but they are quickly kicked out.  After a little more time Jamie ends up finding Sissy murdered and that’s when the shit begins to hit the fan.  Are the angry geeks getting their revenge for being rejected or is the spirit of Murderer McGee the one doing the killing?

The acting in the movie is a real mixed bag.  You have some of them who are great, especially Cory Assink.  He played his role so well, that he almost always made me laugh, especially when he ran into the bath room and saw Tiffany’s dead body, then he passed out.  On the opposite end is Jovan Meredith.  He just seemed to being trying way too hard and he came off way to annoying than he was supposed to (at least I think).  Right in the middle is Ashley Schneider who was good at points and then dropped the ball at others.

Along the lines of the effects, the movie was pretty good.  I’m not saying that it’s really anything great by any stretch of the imagination, but what they did with what they had actually works good enough.  Compared to some other movies I’ve seen that were taking themselves way to serious this one at least knew exactly where it stood.  It never tried to pull off more than it could handle and that works to its benefit.  My favorite effect was a pretty simple one where Tiffany is dead in the tube and her stomach has been cut open.  They pulled it off very well and it didn’t seem extremely amateur.

Now I had a whole bunch of fun with this movie, but it did have its problems.  The camera work was a bit sketchy, some of the dialogue was pretty sad and some of the characters broke from their cliché way, which is a real problem because that was the whole point of the movie is to play off the clichés.  But my biggest complaint is with the overall look.  I think they used either a very low grade digital camera or they used an old school VHS camera and either way it just came out pretty terrible looking.  As a whole the movie was a lot of fun and the intro just made me laugh out loud, but it does have its problems.  This movie is not for everyone, but if you want to see a pretty good shout out to the horror movies of the 80’s, then this is probably what you want to watch.

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