The Drudgeon reviews Teddy

Teddyaka Teddy – It’s Gonna Be A Bear (Original Title)
12 min., 2011
Written by Steve Goltz/Kevin Sommerfield
Directed by Steve Goltz
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

Just a great short movie!

* * *

We start with an old man (Kirk Gilbert) complaining about his car not working.  His son Teddy (Keegan Bergen) gets out of the car and is told to go sit under a tree.  The old man sees a car coming and tries to flag it down, but he is hit and killed.  As the driver and passengers exit the car we get introduced to the group, drunk driver Clay (Mike Goltz) and his girlfriend Dana (Dana Terpinas), shocked Aaron (Kevin Sommerfield) and his sister Jenny (Nikita Vora).  Instead of calling someone and reporting the crime, Clay decides to just move the body onto the side of the road and go on about their business.  They get to the woods for their weekend of fun, but it all starts to go wrong because Teddy saw the whole thing and decides to punish them.  Will any of them survive or will Teddy be a good son and kill them all?

Seeing that this is a backyard movie I was expecting some really bad acting, but to my surprise the acting is actually really great.  Kevin Sommerfield, Nikita Vora and Dana Terpinas all give great performances, and Keegan Bergen has the creepy down to a science.  Without saying a word he is able to instill fear just by his eyes and the way he holds his body.  To me though, the biggest surprise was Mike Goltz.  When you first see him getting out of the car after hitting someone, he finishes a beer and pretty much ignores everything around him.  Throughout the movie all he does is drink and one thing that I love about him is when he lets out a burp, man is it real.  I’ve heard way too many movies that use prerecorded burps and I just find that lame.  My favorite scene with him is the sex scene where all he does is drink and it just makes me laugh.

Another surprising thing about the movie was the effects.  Again I was expecting them to be very lame and to be completely amateur looking, but again they blew me away.  My favorite of the bunch is when Teddy is standing there with the half head in his hand.  It just looks really cool and the head is very nicely done.

This is a very entertaining short that gets a hold on you from the get go.  The old man gets hit and then it just keeps it up until the ending, which is great.  Teddy could actually become a cult favorite and if they decide to take it a step farther, Teddy (the character) could actually become one of the great horror villains.  Teddy is a dark movie that doesn’t let you down.

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  1. John Bruni says:

    Hm. This Mike Goltz guy sounds interesting. Very interesting. I think I like this movie already.

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