The Drudgeon reviews Bleeding Rose

Bleeding Rose 80 min., 2007
Written by Kareem A. Bland
Directed by Kareem A. Bland
Language: English
My rating: ★★

I don’t hate the movie, I just hate Cedric.

* * *

Ebony (Sakeena Nicole) has come back home to live with her father (Willie C. Carpenter) because her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Alex (Nicholas Vitulli), got too rough for her.  One of the first people she runs into is Cedric (Archie Ekong) who is looking to find a new singer for a project that he and his friend Kyle (Duane Littles) are working on.  She agrees to give it a shot and meet with Cedric the next night.  Instead of taking her to the studio, Cedric decides to take her on a date which Ebony isn’t too happy about.  The next day she does finally get to the studio and blows both Cedric and Kyle away.  Cedric and Kyle agree that she is perfect for the song, but Cedric has other plans because he is all about trying to get into Ebony’s pants.  Cedric keeps trying to wine and dine Ebony but she isn’t biting, so he complains to Kyle about it and the fact that Ebony is into white guys.  Kyle doesn’t understand what his problem is but tries to help anyway, and Ebony’s friend Candice (Elizabeth Ruelas) tries to give her some advice as well.  A little later Candice ends up dead and no one knows who is responsible, so enter the two detectives, Julia Burns (Lean Diechle) and Mark Perry (Vincent Maggio), who are determined to stop the killer.  Has Alex followed Ebony to her hometown or is someone else killing the people closest to her?

The acting in the movie is actually pretty darn bland, but that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t at least a good one here or there.  Sakeena Nicole jumps from doing a really great job to being completely unbelievable.  There are times where you believe everything that is coming out of her mouth, but then they have her saying some of the oddest things, “Now I’m a Christian and I’m not into that shit”, but there are times when the look of fear in her eyes makes you ignore anything she is saying.  Now the worst of the bunch would be Archie Ekong.  Now he is bad enough with the way he delivers dialogue, but he never really has any real emotion in his face throughout the movie.  You tend to just forget about him when he’s not on screen, but whenever he is you just want him to leave.  Now the character that really jumps off the screen and does the best work is Duane Littles.  When he first appears I pretty much just blew him off and wasn’t expecting anything from him, but as the movie went on he just kept getting better.  He plays both a caring character and a menacing one and he is able to make the transition with ease.

The effects of the movie are very minor.  Every time someone dies it is off screen and to me that is a complete bonus.  The whole movie has a very amateur and cheap feel to it and if they even tried to show someone getting killed I don’t think they would have been able to pull it off without it looking extremely lame.  So by not showing it happen, it works and lets you create what is happening.

Now there is one thing that really surprised me about this movie.  This is an African-American movie (there are some white people, but they aren’t the focus), and most of the time when it’s a movie of this variety the word nigger goes flying around the room, which is just really annoying to me.  The surprising thing is that nigger is only said once throughout the whole movie, and it is said by Cedric’s girlfriend Dee (Tye Rainford) in a fit of anger.  In fact that is one of the few times where it really felt like I was watching a movie aimed at a black audience.  The rest of the time it felt like a normal horror film that is aimed at everyone.  The thing that really bothered me about the movie was the character of Cedric.  His character was just really unbalanced.  He is supposed to really be into Ebony, but every time that they are apart, all he talks about is getting into her pants.  As the movie rolls along, I get the feel that you are supposed to believe that Cedric really does care about Ebony in more than just a sexual way, but even during a scene where Ebony has just lost someone important and Cedric is trying to show that he cares, the next thing he does is try and get her in the sack.  He is just a really poorly written character that made me more annoyed than anything else and he really took a pretty good movie (probably a 2) and brought it down a full grade.  Check this one out if you have a chance and try to ignore the amateur feel and you will find a pretty good movie and the ending is actually pretty good too.

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    Whoa. Watch the n-word, fella! It’s supposed to be pronounced “nigga,” like they do in Boston.

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