The Drudgeon reviews Dream Reaper

Dream Reaper 65 min., 2006
Written by Kevin Strange
Directed by Kevin Strange
Language: English
My rating: ★★★

Kevin Strange’s first attempt at a horror movie.

* * *

The movie begins with a band called Dream Reaper getting ready for practice.  We have bassist Dick Gibson (Joshitsuo Montoya), guitarist Tiffany (Cris Deveroux), drummer Hwang Johnson (Chadwick Cockstriker), rhythm guitarist Peter Johnson (John The Band Guy) and singer Willy Nutsack (Kevin Strange).  They seem to be having problems because Willy wants to stay a hair metal band but Dick wants to sing nice songs and wear girl pants.  After their argument Willy leaves, goes home, makes some cereal and watches In Search Of.  He falls asleep and is visited by Dream Reaper (Matt Ringering) who tells Willy that he needs to disband Dream Reaper or he will kill all of them.  Willy blows him off and tells him to get the fuck out.  Dream Reaper decides to show Willy some of his power and rips off his dick.  After this Willy wakes up and realizes that it was all a dream.  After starting to tell the rest of the band about this Dick decides to leave.  Later that night Willy wakes up in Dicks’ house and sees him getting killed.  He wakes up and runs to tell the rest of the band.  Do they have what it takes to defeat Dream Reaper or will the band have to break up?

What can I say about the acting in a Hack Movies movie?  Actually I should just tell you want to prepare yourselves for, that being hammy over-the-top acting on the part of Kevin Strange and some more over-the-top acting on the part of everyone else.  Now you have to understand that there is nothing wrong with that especially in this type of movie.  In fact having that exact type of acting is partly what makes this movie so much fun.  If they were trying to take themselves seriously than it would have fallen flat, especially during the jerking-off scenes.  My favorite of all of them has to be (big surprise here) Kevin Strange.  He just throws himself at his role and he is having so much fun during the whole thing.  I especially love the way that he runs, it makes me laugh every time.

Cheap and cheesy is the name of the game for the effects department, but like the hammy acting its part of the charm of the backyard movies.  Using (what I think is) ham slices for a penis that is ripped off is just great and using balloons for intestines is just hilarious.  Some will complain about how “bad” the effects may look, but holy shit I’d like to see them do something better with the same budget.  These guys took what they could and made a goddamn fun movie.

This is a Hack Movie and if you know anything about them, then you know exactly what you are getting into.  Low budget horror comedy and is done with passion.  Now you have to understand though, that like most of Kevin’s movies there is masturbation in this movie, but holy shit, everyone in this movie masturbates at least once (the only exception is the bystander).  So there is a whole like of jerkin’ goin’ on, so be prepared.

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  1. John Bruni says:

    Lots of masturbation AND a guy gets his dick ripped off in a dream? Sounds right up my alley. Perhaps they should have called this DREAM RAPER.

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