The Drudgeon reviews The Zombie Factor

The Zombie Factor 22 min., 2011
Written by Matt Cantu
Directed by Matt Cantu
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

A great stab at reality TV.

* * *

So it has been six months since the “Z war” has ended and one of the things that still lives on is reality TV and the next big series is called The Zombie Factor.  On the first episode our host Dee Dee (Jill Dion) tells us everything about the show, but the most important thing is that every episode someone dies.  As we meet the contestants they get their first challenge, run through zombies to the warehouse where they will be staying.  After that the contestants are told about an alarm that will sound in their “house” and that will let them know that a zombie has been let in and that they need to defend their home.  Now among the contestant are Roy (Dan Pesta) the creepy loser guy, Chelsea (Christy Derry) the snobby girl, Kareem (Earl Cabo) the tough guy, Jason (Steve Forbes) the dorky guy, Ruth (Lisa Thierry) the southern girl, Klaus (Mikey Brown) the foreign guy, Katie (Sashani Nicole) the scared girl, Shaw (Ted Neda) the big mouthed guy and lastly Georgie (Dustin Gardner) the gay guy.  After Kareem deals with a zombie that was let in they are on to their next challenge, Zombie Hat Day!  It’s time to place your bets (mine is on Ruth) on who will win The Zombie Factor!

The acting is one of the best things about The Zombie Factor.  Every one of the actors knew exactly what part they had and played them perfectly.  I have a feeling that most of them actually watch reality TV or they spend some time watching some, because they got the characters down.  My favorite of them is a tossup between Jill Dion and Dustin Gardner.  Jill Dion nailed the host role on the head and you can tell she was just loving it, but when Dustin Gardner starting talking about the lost luggage, man I just lost it.  I can actually hear someone on some reality show actually talking and bitching about that.  Just great acting all around.

The effects of the pilot are actually pretty strong especially considering is was only shot in two days.  The makeup effects on the zombies are top notch and the gore (as minimal as it may be) is actually pretty strong.

Matt Cantu (the director) has hit the nail on the head with this concept.  I can easily see this happening if (when) zombies attack.  He got all of the character right and the dialogue is just great.  If there was a pilot to be picked up, this would be it.

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