The Drudgeon reviews Friday The 13th – A New Beginning

Friday The 13th - A New Beginningaka Friday The 13th – Part V – A New Beginning
92 min., 1985
Written by Martin Kitrosser/David Cohen/Danny Steinmann
Directed by Danny Steinmann
Language: English
My rating: ★


* * *

The movie begins on a rainy night with Tommy Jarvis (Corey Feldman), from the last movie, going up to Jason’s grave.  Suddenly he hears two voices approaching and makes a quick retreat behind some bushes.  Two guys show up and start digging up the grave.  Once they do Jason comes to life, kills them and starts approaching Tommy.  Then he wakes up.  Now Tommy (John Shepherd) is older and after the events of the last movie he’s lost a bit of his mind, so they are sending him to a house where he will be forced to socialize with other people, most of whom are also a little messed in the head.  To really prove that point to everyone, a man named Vic (Mark Venturini) is cutting wood and an annoying guy named Joey (Dominick Brascia) starts to bother him.  So Vic kills him.  Two paramedics show up, including one named Roy Burns (Dick Wieand), and take the dead Joey away.  We then get to meet the rest of the crazies.  First we have the two runners of the place, Dr. Matt (Richard Young) and Pam (Melanie Kinnaman).   We also have young Reggie (Shavar Ross) who is only there because his grandfather, George (Vernon Washington), works there.  Now I could go on and list everyone else that is in the movie, but it’s just not worth it and if they actually do a good job I’ll bring them up later, because they all pretty much die and that’s really the main reason why we watch a Friday The 13th movie, right?

As I have stated before in past reviews of Friday The 13th movies, I never really expect anything from the actor and when one does come along and they do a great job it really does shock me.  In this movie I can say that no one actually stuck out in any real way, good or bad.  There really wasn’t anyone that was so good that I took notice and at the same time there was no one that was just awful.  This could be a really good or bad thing, but to me it’s really a bad thing.  Even if there is an actor that does a completely shitty job, it still makes me remember them and this movie has no one that is memorable in any way.  So even though no one was terrible, it was still a big letdown.

The effects is the area the really surprised me in this movie.  As the sequels move along they tend to get more gory and violent, but this one seemed to pull back a whole lot and (for the most part) most of the “action” takes place off screen and you only really see the aftermath and even the aftermath isn’t that entirely well done.  The effects of a series like Friday The 13th is one thing that I always look forward to, but this one really let me down and makes me question what exactly happened or whose decision it was to “hide” everything.

So where does this movie stand considering no one was really that bad in the acting category, the effects were minimal and the overall story and twist were quite weak?  It’s exactly where you would expect it to be, the bottom of the barrel (well so far).  This movie really made me feel nothing.  I didn’t care (or even hate) any of the characters and even when they were killed off it was pretty boring.  In the end that’s all this movie really is, boring.  End of story (but not the series).

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