The Drudgeon reviews Time’s Up, Eve

Time's Up, Eve 12 min., 2011
Written by Jon Niccum/Patrick Rea
Directed by Patrick Rea
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

This movie nails everything!

* * *

The short begins with a woman named Eve (Sharon Wright) running away from someone/something.  In voiceover she starts explaining about some strange things that have been going on.  It seems that people have been losing their souls and all that’s left is just an emotionless shell, and it includes her husband Allen (Jason Curtis Miller) and best friend Lorraine (Denise Carroll).  We next learn that there are strange people/creatures that live/move in a fog and that they are the ones that want the souls.  They either collected them or they have humans do the collecting for them, a man named Dennis (Ari Bavel) is one of them.  Can Eve escape the town with her soul or will they collect it?

The acting of this short is really great.  For the most part it is only Sharon Wright that has the focus and she does a phenomenal job, but then we see some of the people that have no soul and they are great as just a lifeless shell.

The effects are very minimal in the movie and it works to its advantage.  In fact the only real effects are the fog, the glowing souls and at one point they show a soul being removed.  They are all done very simply but very effectively.

As I started watching the short I was actually really worried.  It started off more as a crime movie than anything else, but it is shot so beautifully that I would have hated giving it a skull but then it started to go down the horror route and I was relieved.  Great short and it hits on all cylinders.

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  1. Lackey says:

    Loved this one…great story, great mood and vibe.

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