The Drudgeon reviews Jason Goes To Hell – The Final Friday

Jason Goes To Hell - The Final Fridayaka Friday The 13th – Part IX – The Final Friday
91 min., 1993
Written by Jay Huguely/Adam Marcus/Dean Lorey
Directed by Adam Marcus
Language: English
My rating: ★

What did they just try and do!

* * *

A woman (Julie Michaels) drives to a cabin and while there she is attacked by Jason.  She runs away and as Jason follows a bunch of flood lights go on and about a dozen soldiers appear and fill Jason full of holes.  The last thing they do is drop a bomb on him.  Jason’s body is taken to the morgue and while the corner is examining the body the heart starts to beat.  He takes Jason’s beating heart (and for some unknown reason) and starts to eat it.  It seems that Jason’s soul has now been transferred to his body and the killing continues.  We then meet a bounty hunter by the name of Creighton Duke (Steven Williams) who tells a news channel that for 500,000 dollars he will find and finally kill off Jason once and for all.  Creighton confronts Jason’s half-sister, Diana Kimble (Erin Gray) and tells her that Jason is coming for her.  Later Jason does kill her and a boy by the name of Steven (John D. LeMay) is blamed.  Now Steven must get to Diana’s daughter (who he’s still in love with), Jessica (Kari Keegan) and warn her.  Will Jessica believe him or will Jason kill off the only person that can actually end him once and for all?

The actors in the movie were just fine.  No one really stood out as a great actor, except maybe Steven Williams.  You see I was not a fan of the character of Creighton Duke.  His character is more evil than Jason could ever be and it seems you are supposed to cheer for him.  I don’t know it Steven just did a really great job of playing him as an asshole or I just hated the character that much.  As previously stated everyone else was just okay and that’s really kinda sad because I really didn’t care what happened to anyone.  When someone died, I just kinda said okay and just waited for the next kill to happen.

The effects of the movie are a complete step up from the last few movies.  The gore is over-the-top and they don’t hold back with a kill happens.  You get to see all of it in its wonderfully bloody glory.  Most of the time they pull off the effects and it looks really good, but there is a few times where it just looks pretty silly.

Now the main thing about this movie that bothered me is the fact that there is almost no actual Jason.  Yes we have his spirit jumping bodies and killing people, but I don’t want to see a coroner or cop in Jason’s shoes.  I want to see Jason slaughtering people.  I don’t know who’s fucking bright idea it was to pretty much take Jason out of the movie, but main what a fail.  To add insult to injury they tossed in an asshole “hero” character that is impossible to remotely like.  Then to toss salt into that already gaping wound they have a Halloween angle to this movie.  Why all of a sudden does Jason want/need to kill his sister (half or not)?  Actually where did this sister even come from?  I don’t ever remember any other movie bringing that fact up.  I just think that they ran out of ideas and decided to steal from a handful of other movies and even with that they failed.

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  1. John Bruni says:

    Hey, at least it’s finally over, right? I mean, I know they ended the series before, and it was a lie, but this time they were serious. Where could they have possibly gone with Jason after this? Space?

  2. Hunter says:


  3. Brian says:

    The sexy FBi woman agent at the beginning had an awesome ass.

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