The Drudgeon reviews SS Experiment Love Camp

SS Experiment Love Campaka Lager SSadis Kastrat Kommandantur (Original Title), Captive Women II – Orgies Of The Damned
94 min., 1976
Written by Sergio Chiusi/Sergio Garrone/Vinicio Marinucci
Directed by Sergio Garrone
Language: English
My rating: ★

Hairy armpits ahoy!

* * *

Our movie begins with a woman be tortured (by electro shock) by three members of the Nazi party.  We have Colonel Von Kleiben (Giorgio Cerioni), the sadistic Sergeant (Serafino Profumo) and the female Dr. Renke (Patrizia Melega).  After she refuses to agree to bow down to Hitler she is killed and tossed into one of the ovens.  We then see a truck of “new” women arriving at the concentration camp.  Among them is our main female Mirelle (Paola Corazzi), tough girl Fiona (Almina De Sanzio) and really shy Petunia (I’m not sure who plays her, so if anyone can fill me in please do).  The girls are checked by the doctors and some are taken to a brothel and others are taken to be experimented on.  You see the Colonel wants the doctors to start some special experiments and he wants Dr. Steiner (Attilio Dottesio) to start doing some special surgeries on the women.  When Mirelle is taken to do some of the sexual experiments she is paired up with Helmut (Mircha Carven) and the two of them instantly fall in love with each other.  While that is going on Petunia is taken to the brothel and Fiona has caught the eye of Dr. Renke.  Can Helmut and Mirelle end up together or will the nasty Colonel Von Kleiben’s experiment have adverse effects to end their love?

The acting in this movie is pretty much the same as most of the Nazisploitation movies that are out there.  It’s very stiff and the dubbing always makes it hard to take all that serious.  I do have to say that there were two actors that stood out above all the rest.  First was Paola Corazzi.  She plays the tough Jewish woman that has been through enough crap that she just doesn’t care and she gives most of the Nazis a hard time.  She plays the part perfectly and she is my favorite character/actor of the movie.  The other actor that did great was Serafino Profumo.  Every time they show him torturing one of the prisoners you can feel the joy that he is getting from it.  He is one of the most disgusting characters around and Serafino jumped right in and made you hate him.

The effects are exactly what you should expect from any Nazisploitation movie, really low budget.  Most of the time it’s just laughable and even when it’s not too bad, you still can’t take it serious.

There are a bunch of things wrong with this movie.  One of the main problems is with the overall plot of the Colonel and the experiments.  Nothing is really ever explained until the end.  So girls are getting tortured, forced into having sex with soldiers and Dr. Steiner is operating on a lot of the prisoners.  But why?  You have no idea until near the ending.  So for half the movie you are just scratching your head and when you do finally find out what is going on, it makes pretty much all of the experiments just pointless.  Now there are at least two things that they got right in the movie.  First, there is a scene where the character Petunia has had too much, right after the Sergeant pretty much rapes her, and she picks up large fork and starts to stab him.  She then runs out and gets shot.  Sounds pretty normal right?  The reason why I love that scene so much is that after the stabbing the Sergeant is fine and ends up hanging her upside down because even after getting shot she is also still alive.  It’s nice to see that these characters don’t just die the instant they get hurt.  Then again we also get to see the inside of the furnaces and when the women are getting burned they look like malfunctioning robots.  It just looks really stupid.  The other thing that really surprised me about the movie was the ending.  It actually took me by surprise and made me have a little more respect for the movie, but really not enough to ever suggest this movie to anyone.  And my god the amount of hairy armpits!  HAIRY ARMPITS!

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