The Drudgeon reviews Halloween

Halloween 109 min., 2007
Written by Rob Zombie
Directed by Rob Zombie
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

What if Michael Myers was real?

* * *

The movie begins with a young Michael Myers (Daeg Faerch) and him dealing with life as a ten year old.  His mom Deborah (Sheri Moon Zombie) is very loving and seems to be the only one that really gives a crap, unlike his step-father Ronnie White (William Forsythe) who is consistently yelling at Michael, his mother and his younger sister.  Michael also has an older sister named Judith (Hanna Hall) who just seems more interested in having sex than actually being part of the family.  School life for Michael isn’t much of an escape as he is regularly picked on by the other kids.  After getting into another fight Michael is brought down to the principle and his mom is also called.  While there she meets Dr. Samuel Loomis (Malcolm McDowell) and she is shown some startling things, like a dead cat in his bag and some pictures of dead animals (some looking like they are being tortured).  Michael runs out and kills one of the kids that were bullying him.  Later that night (Halloween night) Michael kills his step-father, sister and his sister’s boyfriend, saving only his little sister.  His mom gets home and is horrified at what happened and Michael is sent away.  While in the institution Dr. Loomis is now his doctor, but nothing seems to help and Michael just spirals down into himself.  Now it is some years later and Michael Myers (Tyler Mane) is ready to go home.  His younger sister has been adopted and is now named Laurie Strode (Scout Taylor-Compton).  Will she survive Halloween with her two best friends Annie Brackett (Danielle Harris) and Lynda Van Der Klok (Kristina Klebe) or will Michael finally finish what he started back when he was ten?

The thing that surprised me most about Halloween was the acting.  Rob Zombie has gotten together a great cast that really knows how to handle their roles.  Scout Taylor-Compton plays the teenage girl with ease and when she is being terrorized, you really do believe it.  Now the role of Michael Myers is some tough shoes to fill and Tyler Mane does with no problem and makes Michael Myers terrifying.  His size plays a big role in it, but the use of his eyes and his body movement is what really takes the character of Michael to the next step of scary.  Now the biggest surprise to me was with Daeg Faerch.  As you know (if you have read any of my past reviews) I really hate children actors and they really have to impress me in order for me to even acknowledge their existence.  Well Daeg put me in my place.  He brings in a performance that is pretty darn flawless.  He is exactly how I’d picture Michael to look and exactly how he would act.  When Michael finally retreats into himself Daeg puts on a performance that is impressively creepy.  Maybe next time I won’t be so hard on child actors.  Okay probably not.

The effects of the movie are exactly what you should expect from a Rob Zombie movie.  Bloody, realistic, inventive and really bloody.

In the end this is actually a great remake.  There aren’t many remakes that can stand up to the original, but this is one that does.  What really pushes this one is the acting and the story.  Normally I don’t want to know about the past of a killer, especially when it tries to push you to feel sorry for them.  This one starts off that way but at one point in the movie you just realize that Michael is just evil.  There is a scene with Danny Trejo that just makes me sad when it happens, but it furthers that Michael is just evil.  This is just a great movie all around.  Don’t forget to look for other stars that are sprinkled throughout the movie like Brad Dourif, Dee Wallace, Clint Howard, Udo Kier, Ken Foree, Micky Dolenz and Sid Haig.

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