The Drudgeon reviews SS Camp 5 – Women’s Hell

SS Camp 5 - Women's Hellaka SS Lager 5 – L’inferno Delle Donne (Original Title), SS Camp – Women’s Hell
96 min., 1977
Written by Tecla Romanelli/Vinicio Marinucci/Sergio Garrone
Directed by Sergio Garrone
Language: English
My rating: ★★

More of the same, plus a little more.

* * *

So the movie begins with actual footage of the holocaust and then it cuts to a truck pulling into a concentration camp.  The women unload and are brought before Kapo Greta (Patrizia Melega), and angry woman with some lesbian tendencies.  Among them is Alina (Rita Manna), a black woman, who Col. Strasser (Giorgio Cerioni), one of the doctors doing some experments, takes an immediate liking to.  The biggest problem with that is that Lt. Hans (Serafino Profumo) also has his eyes on her.  We then learn that one of the doctors, Dr. Abraham (Attilio Dottesio), that are working on the experiments, burn victim experiments, is actually Jewish and his daughter, Edith (Paola Corazzi), is only being kept safe as long as he continues to help.  You see, they have been experimenting on the Jewish prisoners for the past six months and some of them have had enough and have decided to finally make an escape, led by Deborah (Paola D’egidio).  Can they escape from the torturous experiments or will more tortures be in store for them?

Bringing us another great performance as a very convincing mad man, we get Serafino Profumo.  In SS Experiment Love Camp he was great and in this he is just as good, if not better.  There is a scene where he gets to torture some prisoners for information and the glee that he gets from watching them suffer is incredible.  It makes me wonder if he is really getting that much fun from the idea of the torture.  The only other acting that is really all that good comes from Paola D’egidio.  She has a very strong since of determination that you can really get behind.  You have complete faith in her and in her plan.  Other than those two, everyone else is pretty lame or just extremely generic.

The effects of the movie are actually okay.  Don’t get me wrong in thinking that there aren’t any that are complete and utter crap, because there is.  There are a few that are actually really great.  For one, whenever they place the get on one of the women’s legs and light it, it looks really really nice.  Another scene that was done very well was the wood splinters under the finger nails and then lighting them on fire.  Along with that, the finger nail pulling is really nicely done.

The acting wasn’t completely terrible and the effects are actually pretty good, so where does this movie stand in comparison to the rest of the Nazisploitation movies?  It’s actually pretty close to the top.  It doesn’t just stick to the usual torture and showing how evil the Nazis are, but this one adds prisoners trying to escape and it also adds a black woman into the mix.  Most of the time everyone forgets that it wasn’t just Jewish people that were killed, but blacks, gay, mentally retarded and German traders were also put in camps or killed and this one at least brings a little bit of that to light, and don’t get me wrong it’s not a work of art or even a thought provoking movie, but it tried a little harder than most.

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