Blick Tolkien selects Blood On The Net – Dark Rose

Blood On The Net - Dark Rose 3 min., 2012
Written by
Directed by Willem Serné
Language: English
My rating: —-

If Willem Serne isn’t directing a multimillion dollar feature in the next five years there is no God. Without a single line of dialogue and only 2 minutes and 33 seconds you get downright unsettled. This film borders on what some would dub as torture porn even though he never lays a hand on her. The suspense comes from the things this obsessive and downright creepy looking bastard is typing in the search bar on Google as his victim lay helpless covered in plastic wrap and he chain smokes. This is beyond any expectation I had and despite the implication of the shots as to how this will end it still makes you wanna see how this began and how it ultimately will end for the creep. The use of light and shadow, music and the subtle sounds involved set the tone perfectly so open a new tab and have your senses tickled for a bit. Trust me it’s worth it. So until next time, hopefully all your films will bring you fright.

About Zeb Carter

About Blick Tolkien: The bastard half brother of Zeb Carter, he grew up in Chicago's urban jungle, forced to be the victim of racial injustice and daily bullying until the day he saw Night of the Living Dead. the immersion into violence on film gave him the tools to externalize his hate and make the world a horror show for all his enemies. A card carrying member of the Black Panther party, he hates whitey and all forms of coonery including any and all Tyler Perry films. You have been warned. About Zeb Carter: The younger brother of Blick Tolkien, he used horror films as a way to open him self up to the social and story telling aspects of cinematic fear as well as his love of the silver screen. After seeing Gremlins at the drive in he was hooked. He also writes short fiction, has 2 daughters and a pack of animals that he is currently serves as the alpha male over. You can read his fiction at
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