The Drudgeon reviews Nazi Love Camp 27

Nazi Love Camp 27aka La Svastica Nel Ventre (Original Title)
86 min., 1977
Written by Gianfranco Clerici/Sandro Amati/Mario Caiano
Directed by William Hawkins
Language: English
My rating: ★★★

There’s not much love in this love camp.

* * *

The movie begins with a man, Kurt Von Stein (Giancarlo Sisti), and a woman, Hannah Meyer (Sirpa Lane), messing around.  They are biking and swimming and then they end up making love.  As they get back to Hannah’s house, her parents are having some concerns about the coming war and they feel that they need to leave.  It jumps a bit forward and Hannah and her family are now living in an apartment, but Hannah is followed by a soldier where Hannah shoots him with a shotgun.  His superiors show up and Hannah’s mom takes the blame for the killing, so they kill her in turn and take away Hannah to a camp.  While there she meets the runner of the Nazi whorehouse, Frau Gruber (Marzia Ubaldi), and she also meets Captain Klaus Berger (Roberto Posse) who falls in love with her and decides to help “save” her.  She is lavished with gifts and Captain Klaus even gives her a new name and identity.  Will she give up her Jewish heritage to stay alive or will the return of Kurt break her out of the spell?

The acting is very average for a Nazisploitation film.  For the most part everyone is fine but then when they really try to show some actual emotions they fail.  The only one that does a better than average job is Roberto Posse, who is really good at showing his demented love for Hannah.  He gets whipped by her and the look in his face really brings across a love that really can’t be described.  Now there is a scene where Sirpa Lane does shine.  At the end of the movie where she has finally decided on her true fate and she sings a Jewish song while walking down the stairs is actually quite beautiful.

The effects of the movie are actually a step above most of the other Nazisploitation films.  Then again there aren’t as many uses of effects in the movie.  In this one they actually have the gunshot do damage, instead of just having people fall over.  My favorite is in the beginning when Hannah shoots the soldier.

Now the big question is, should you watch it?  Only if the Nazisploitation genre is something you are already into or you are looking for a good movie to start the experience.  It’s good enough to keep most people entertained but it, being Nazisploitation, touches on some rough stuff.  There is a scene where two of the girls are raped by numerous guards at once and this movie shows actual penetration which actually adds to the discomfort of the whole experience.  So be forewarned that it’s a good movie but there are some rough spots.

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