The Drudgeon reviews Halloween II

Halloween II 105 min., 2009
Written by Rob Zombie
Directed by Rob Zombie
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

An uneven sequel to a great movie.

* * *

The movie begins with Deborah Myers (played again by the beautiful and haunting Sheri Moon Zombie) going to see her son, Michael (this time played by Chase Vanek).  She brought him a gift of a toy white horse.  Michael tells her about a dream that he had where his mom is walking down a white hallway with a white horse coming to take him away.  We then jump to the sound of the ending of the last movie.  Cops and paramedics are on the scene and it takes six guys (sorry five guys and one woman) to lift Michael’s body.  We then see that Laurie Strode (Scout Taylor-Compton) is walking, blood-soaked, down the street when Sheriff Lee Brackett (Brad Dourif) pulls up and tries to calm her down.  We jump to the van that is transporting Michael’s body and the two drivers.  As they joke, the driver doesn’t notice a cow in the road and they slam into it.  Michael (Tyler Mane) gets loose and kills the one that is still alive and he walks off.  We then see Laurie is in the hospital and she is having bad dreams.  She wakes from one and goes to see her friend Annie (Danielle Harris) who is still alive from the last movie.  A nurse tries to take her back to her room when Michael shows up and starts to kill everybody.  Laurie wakes up from an extended dream sequence and it is revealed that she is now living with the Bracketts and it is now one year later.  It is also revealed that Dr. Samuel Loomis is releasing another book and most people aren’t really happy about it.  Is Michael really dead and it’s all in Laurie’s head or is he back and ready to finish what he started?

The acting is just as good in this movie as it was in the last, with one main exception.  Daeg Faerch is not back in this movie (for reasons I don’t know) and his replacement is pretty bland.  Where Daeg had a “real” kid look about him, Chase Vanek is too “pretty” to make a young Michael terrifying and his acting was just as bland.  The actor that stood tall in this movie was Brad Dourif.  He brings home a great performance and when he finally has a confrontation with Loomis, boy do you believe him.  Also pay attention for a few guest appearances including Margot Kidder, Bill Fagerbakke, “Weird Al” Yankovic and the lovely Caroline Williams.

The effects of the movie have been amped up and this movie is five times more gory and bloody than the last.  Now a lot of times when movies try to make things gorier, they tend to forget about the actual effects and just toss around more blood.  Rob Zombie does a great job of tossing around buckets of blood and making the practical effects still look great, especially when Michael breaks the wrist of the guy at the strip club.

So with great acting and great effects how can this movie go wrong?  The story.  It really seems that Rob Zombie didn’t really know where to go with this one and he put way too much emphasis on Dr. Loomis.  The whole movie we get to see how people are reacting to him writing a new book and they are continually blaming him for the killing that Michael Myers did.  It got old really fast and by the half-way point it really felt like he was kicking a dead horse.  The other thing that really got annoying was the over use of the word fuck.  Now I don’t mind the word fuck.  Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck.  I’m not offended by it and it can be used very well, but this movie had pretty much every character saying it about a billion times, in one sentence.  I understand that people swear, but it really does get annoying when there are more fucks in a sentence than anything else.  In fact there is a scene, after the two guys hit the cow, where one guy keeps saying it over and over.  It just felt very unnecessary.  In the end this is a really good movie but it does have some big glitches that are hard to overlook.

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