The Drudgeon reviews SS Hell Camp

SS Hell Campaka La Bestia In Calore (Original Title), The Beast In Heat
86 min., 1977
Written by Lorenzo Artale/Ivan Kathansky
Directed by Ivan Kathansky
Language: English
My rating: ★

“The Lord won’t betray you.  He’s the best.”

* * *

While World War II is going on, there are two different groups fighting for very different things.  On one side we have the Nazis, more specifically Dr. Kratsch (Macha Magall) who is experimenting and trying to create a more perfect master race.  The way she is doing this is that she has created a “beast” (Salvatore Baccaro) that is supposed to impregnate women that are thrown in there.  The big problem is the beast keeps on killing the women, but no one really seems to care and they keep on praising her and her work.  On the other side are the partisans who are fighting for freedom.  Among them is Irene (Brigitte Skay) and Drago (Gino Turini).  Irene has made her way into the arms of a Nazi commander and she is able to give heads up to the others, and Drago is trying his best to stop the Nazis while at the same time trying to not kill anyone.  Lastly is a priest named Don Lorenzo (Brad Harris) who want the fighting to stop but refuses to do anything about it.  Will he finally start fighting back?  Will Drago finally kill?  Will Irene get found out, or will Dr. Kratsch’s beast actually create a better master race?

Overall the acting is completely atrocious in this movie with everyone is just overdoing it.  The only one that actually plays their role perfectly was Macha Magall.  Every time she is on screen you feel the arrogance seep from her.  When she is walking around a room where people are being tortured (flaming bucket of rats on someone’s stomach, electrodes on virginal lips, etc.) you can see this gleam of joy that is just disturbing.  Then again she also has a complete air of confidence about her that makes you believe exactly what she is doing will actually help, even though it’s obvious that it won’t.

The effects are terrible and completely rotten.  No squibs, painfully obvious fake blood, giant guinea pigs that are supposed to be rats and one of the worst gun fights I have ever had the pain of watching.  BOOO!!!!!!!!

In the end this movie is complete crap with the exception of Macha Magall.  The acting was terrible and the effects were as painful as a mouthful of rusty nails and salt.  There are so many things that happen in the movie that just make no since.  For example, during the gun fight you are shown that there are about four or five of the partisans and as the fight goes along all of them are killed, except that more partisans appear out of nowhere and it is never addressed.  Another thing that was really pointless during the gun fight is when one of the partisans is out of ammo and he sees a gun on the ground, he runs up to it and does a flip to get it.  No he doesn’t just pick it up or do a roll to get it, he does a flip.  Completely pointless.  Then again the ending is good because everyone dies, well almost.  I didn’t see that coming but man was it a rewarding experience.  The last thing that I’ll say is that Macha Magall can torture me anytime.

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