The Drudgeon reviews Stake Land

Stake Land 98 min., 2010
Written by Nick Damici/Jim Mickle
Directed by Jim Mickle
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

Great from beginning to end!

* * *

Our movie begins with a kid named Martin (Connor Paolo) and his family in a garage.  As his father is working on a car their dog runs outside.  Martin follows and after seeing his mother getting attacked he runs to help.  He is jumped by a man called Mister (Nick Damici) who goes into the garage with him.  They enter and see that a vampire has killed his family.  After that see Martin getting trained to take down vampires.  They are on the road trying to find some place that is safe.  Along the way they find others like a nun that goes by the name sister (Kelly McGillis), a marine named Willie (Sean Nelson) and a pregnant girl named Belle (Danielle Harris).  They also run into a man named Jedebia Loven (Michael Cerveris) who is the leader of a “cult” called The Brotherhood who uses vampires against those who oppose them.  Will they ever reach New Eden or will the Brotherhood and the vampires kill them beforehand?

Not a big surprise with the acting is that Danielle Harris is great.  She plays her role perfectly and making you really feel for her.  Nick Damici is great as a protector, father figure and completely destroyed human being.  Now the biggest surprise to me was with Connor Paolo.  In the beginning of the movie I wasn’t expecting much from him, but he handles the role with no problem.  Moving from wide eyed boy too tough as nails man with hardly a glitch.

Normally I am not a big fan of CGI, but this movie proves that CGI can be great as long as it’s done right.  The movie mixes both practical and CG effects with ease and leaves you wanting more.  Some of my favorite effects are the quick ones where you can’t really tell exactly how they did it.

To put it bluntly this movie is actually quite depressing.  Don’t get me wrong in thinking that I don’t like it because I really love this movie (and not just because of Danielle Harris).  The characters are sympathetic and you really want them to succeed, but in the end it doesn’t really matter how hard they try, because it’s really a hopeless endeavor.  When a character leaves the party for one reason or another it really does suck because you do get to like them and it hits you hard because you really don’t want to see them go.  This movie hits on all the marks and leaves you wanting more.  I would actually suggest this movie to pretty much everyone.  I actually see this as a future group movie.

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