Blick Tolkien reviews The Walking Dead – Torn Apart

The Walking Dead - Torn Apart 2 to 5 min., 2011
Written by John Esposito/Greg Nicotero
Directed by Greg Nicotero
Language: English
My rating: ★★★

And so it begins.

* * *


This is a brief look into the world created by Robert Kirkman and the lives of the human beings that have to survive in and navigate the reality of a zombie apocalypse. This series centers on a woman and her two children, their journey to be reunited with their father, and seeking out safety.


These webisodes were comprised of six installments and rather than tell you one by one what the installments entailed, I will just cover the entirety of the web series.

Hannah, in the first episode, wakes up with a concussion after a car crash and both of her children are missing. She knows they would go somewhere familiar, so she goes to their dad/ex-husband Andrew’s house to find them. Both of the kids are safe and her ex-husband is jittery as hell as his newgirlfriend seems to have suspiciously gone AWOL. You find out later on that he had to kill her and she’s wrapped up in a carpet in the next room. He ends up actually shooting her because he thinks she is a zombie, which is ironic because when she comes back, she is a zombie and attempts to chase down and chew on both of his kids. Andrew goes next door and is greeted by his neighbor with a shot gun who goes into a very long and depressing story about how it’s the end of the world and that his kids had to be put down.

Andrew meets his end in that basement. Realizing there is a zombie in the house, Hannah collects her kids and leaves the house searching for a secondary safe haven. She ends up bitten however, and even though she sends her kids off without her, presumably because she will soon be among the undead, we never find out if they end up safe or not. Soon after her death and resurrection, her character begins withering away. The more she withers the more familiar she becomes to fans of the show as well as of the comics. At the end of it all, Hannah is transformed into the iconic character “bicycle girl.” For fans of the show, rather than the fanboys from the comics, you would know her as the gaunt, upper torso that was crawling through the grass Rick first sees after his escape from the hospital and then again when he puts her out of her misery with a round from his revolver being expelled into her brain.

The series is interesting for fans who want that little dose of extra content. The acting for the most part was done pretty well but it failed as far as I could see to deliver the same level of intensity and urgency that the actual show does. That intensity being the main thing that sells the show, it seems to be less effective than if they had tried to capture some of that old black magic. The acting from the father is the only one that falls completely flat and the acting from his girlfriend is a bit lame. Because of this, I was torn between giving it a solid two or a shaky three. You can see above how I decided. I hope at the very least you have been
entertained and I hope all your films being fright.

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