The Drudgeon reviews Jason X

Jason Xaka Friday The 13th – Part X – Jason X
91 min., 2001
Written by Todd Farmer
Directed by Jim Isaac
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

I should hate this movie, but boy do I love it!

* * *

So Jason has been terrorizing the Crystal Lake area for a while and the government finally decided to step in and capture him.  The main problem is that since he cannot die all attempts to execute him have failed.  The final option is freezing him.  The only problem with that is that Dr. Wimmer (David Cronenberg) doesn’t want that because it’s really hard to study Jason is he is frozen.  Jason starts his rampage and pretty much kills everyone at the research lab except for a woman named Rowan (Lexa Doig).  After some trouble she gets Jason into one of the cryogenic freezer but he stabs through it and ends up cutting her.  Also the whole room freezes.  We jump to the year 2455 where Professor Lowe (Jonathan Potts) is taking some of his students, Janessa (Melyssa Ade), Azrael (Dov Tiefenbach), Tsuaron (Chuck Campbell) and android KM 14 (Lisa Ryder) who was made by Tsuaron, into the very room where Jason and Rowan were frozen.  They find the bodies and take them onto their ship, because the Earth is barren now.  On the ship are more students, Kinsa (Melody Johnson), Stoney (Yani Gellman) and Adrienne Thomas (Kristi Angus), and some soldiers led by Seargent Brodski (Peter Mensah).  After a bit of time they bring Rowan out of stasis, with the help of nanite technology and Jason also revives himself and begins his killing.

This movie actually has some pretty great acting throughout.  Lexa Doig plays the strong female with no problem and even when everything is supposed to be fine you can see in her eyes that she is ready for the shit to hit the fan.  Melyssa Ade takes the role of bitchy, but flirty, in stride and as much as you want to hate her character, you still end up loving her.  Lisa Ryder takes an android and is able to make her human but at the same time unintentionally cold.  Now the actor that I love in this movie (and I probably shouldn’t) is Jonathan Potts.  His character is just so slimy that you shouldn’t like him, but the way that Jonathan Potts plays him you are almost forced to like him.  When Professor Lowe and Rowan are talking about Jason and Rowan brings up the fact that everything comes down to money, the look on his face is so great.  He plays it so straight, but there are undertones of comedy that make me laugh every time I watch it.

This movie takes place in the future and the effects are on a futuristic level as compared to Jason Goes To Hell.  They mix practical and CG with ease and there are very few times where they don’t mesh well.  There is a scene where they have two characters, Azrael and Dallas (Todd Farmer), are shooting aliens and then Azrael gets cut in half by Jason.  Then he just keeps on talking.  It mixes so well that it takes a few seconds to realize what just happened.  Top notch effects work or all levels.

Now why should I hate this movie?  Because it number ten in a declining series and it takes place in space.  The surprise to me is that this is just a fun movie.  They are taking themselves seriously but at the same time there is never this feel that it’s too serious.  They are having so much fun with the story and the characters that you just have a blast while watching.  Even the worst characters are still fun to watch and most of the kills are just great, with some kills being classics and others being completely new.  Watch this movie for what it is, pure fun.

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