The Drudgeon reviews Junk

Junkaka Junk – Shiryô-Gari (Original Title)
83 min., 2000
Written by Atsushi Muroga
Directed by Atsushi Muroga
Language: Japanese
My rating: ★

Fails on both the action and horror levels.

* * *

We begin with a doctor and nurse injecting DNX (an experimental drug) in the arm of a dead woman, Kyôko (Miwa).  The drug is supposed to bring her back from the dead and it ends up working, but instead of her just coming back he decides to take a bite out of the doctor.  Next we meet a group of four thieves that are pulling off a jewel robbery and among them is Akira (Shû Ehara), Jun (Nobuyuki Asano) and Saki (Kaori Shimamura).  While that is going on we also meet the leader of the local yakuza, Ramon (Tate Gouta), who the thieves are going to try to sell the jewels to for 100 million yen.  They set up to meet at an abandoned military base which just happens to be where the doctor was bitten.  While they are on the way there, it seems that the American military already knows that something is going on at the base and led by Col. McGriff, they have found Doctor Nakada (Yuji Kishimoto) who helped to create DNX and they are taking steps to stop the zombies.  Will the thieves survive and get their money or will the zombies kill everyone?

The acting is pretty bad throughout the movie with the exception of Miwa.  She is the only one that actually brings any form of a performance to the table.  Everyone else is pretty much there to collect a paycheck.  The worst of the bunch is who ever played Col. McGriff.  This guy has the most problem delivering lines that I have ever seen.  You may be thinking that it’s hard for an American to recite Japanese, but the movie actually had the Japanese speaking Japanese and the Americans speaking English, so they really can’t make the excuse of a language barrier.  No that guy just really sucked.

The only good thing about this movie is the effects and even those weren’t all that great.  The head shots are great and when one of the characters gets cut in half (at the waist) it’s just awesome, but sadly that’s really all that is going on there.  The fight choreography is really sloppy and when two of the characters jump out of the window it is painfully obvious that the girl is played by a male stunt double (now if I’m wrong I do apologize but the person jumping out that window doesn’t look anything like a female).

This whole movie is pretty bad.  There is a great deal of nods to other movies and that’s pretty cool, but it’s not enough to carry a movie or even make it a good movie.  With terrible acting and shitty effects the next thing in line is the story, and wasn’t even all that great.  There is a scene where Kyôko starts fighting and all of a sudden her features change.  No I could understand a change in facial features, but her hair goes from jet black to bleach blonde, and for no fucking reason what so ever.  Then it changes back.  What the hell?  Actually that’s what I give this whole movie.  WHAT THE HELL???!!!!!??

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