The Drudgeon reviews Dead In 3 Days

Dead In 3 Daysaka In 3 Tagen Bist Du Tot (Original Title)
97 min., 2006
Written by Thomas Baum/Andreas Prochaska
Directed by Andreas Prochaska
Language: German
My rating: ★

One of the worst movies that I’ve seen in a while.

* * *

This is the story of Nina (Sabrina Reiter) and her four friends, Martin (Laurence Rupp) her boyfriend, couple Alex (Nadja Vogel) and Clemens (Michael Steinocher) and lastly Mona (Julia Rosa Stöckl).  They have just graduated and decided to go have some fun.  As they are getting ready for the night of fun they each get a text on their phones that say you will die in three days.  They don’t tell each other and all blow it off as a joke then have their fun at a club.  While at the club Martin gets the urge to go to the bathroom.  After pissing all over the seat he is attacked from behind and disappears.  The rest of the night everyone is looking for him and they even go to the police station.  Martin’s cousin, who is a cop, tells them not to worry because he’s probably just passed out somewhere and he will turn up soon.  They start to blame another teen, Patrick (Julian Sharp), because he has been following Martin for a while.  The next day while they are waiting for Martin to show up they decide to go swimming.  While swimming Nina sees his body underwater.  You see he was bound, gagged, tied to a weight and tossed in the water by some unknown person.  Will they find the killer before he strikes again or will they all die in three days?

Everyone in the movie is pretty darn bad when it comes to acting, but what is even worse about the movie is that the characters are so cliché and poorly fleshed out that even if you had the best actors playing these roles; it would still suck as bad as it does.  The only one that did a have decent job was Julia Rosa Stöckl, but she was never really on screen for very long so there was never really any time for her to really show off her skill.

There wasn’t all that much use of effects in the movie and what was used was just okay.  Sadly there isn’t any real scene that sticks out in my head as being great or really crappy, and that says something about the movie right there.

One of the biggest problems with the movie is the lack of connection with the characters and the only character that I was remotely interested in was Mona because there was more going on with here than was revealed, but instead of learning about her we get a focus on the character of Nina and how “tough” she is.  Now I’m not saying that she is Miss Badass, but there was this feeling that I had while watching the movie that she was supposed to be a tough girl and it was only a matter of time before it showed up.  But I just didn’t care about any of the characters and the bad acting on top of that just makes me want to forget this movie.  There are other things that drove me nuts about the movie, one being the whole lack of time feel.  It’s seems that the movie is supposed to be taking place in three days, but it feels more like five.  Then you have the scene where they decide to go to the house and Nina leaves her sister behind.  They drive out there and you see the sister get on her bicycle and start riding.  All of a sudden the sister shows up just a few minutes after them.  How does that work?  Is she like the Flash but on a bike?  It felt very forced and that they just wanted to have the girl get caught.  You know what?  I just don’t care anymore.  Movie sucks!

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3 Responses to The Drudgeon reviews Dead In 3 Days

  1. Lackey says:
    • Short-haired blonde
    • Grey T-shirt and panties
    • Running through the woods
    • In the pouring rain

    I fail to see how this is not four stars. 😛

  2. The Drudgeon says:

    Change the short-haired blonde to Misty Mundae and you have five stars.

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