The Drudgeon reviews Silent Night, Zombie Night

Silent Night, Zombie Night 83 min., 2009
Written by Sean Cain
Directed by Sean Cain
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

Zombies during Christmas!!

* * *

The movie begins with a woman crying in a car.  Her friend comes up to her and starts trying to comfort her but she is attacked by someone.  It switches to two police officers getting out of their car and talking.  The two officers, Frank Talbot (Jack Forcinito) and Nash Jackson (Andy Hopper) are approached by a man in a wheelchair who is telling them about a little girl who was in the street and covered in blood, so as he went to help her, she bit him.  They ask about the girl and he tells them that she went home, there was a scream from her mother and since then it’s been quite.  They go up to the house and they are attacked by the girl.  As she is trying to get at Nash she ends up chewing on his shoe and calls for Frank to shoot her.  Back to the woman in the car, she gets out and grabs a bat.  She starts to hit the man that is attacking her friend and after a little time she is met by Frank and Nash, who has been shot in the foot.  She turns out to be Frank’s wife, Sarah (Nadine Stenovitch) and they help Nash into his house.  It seems that the world has gone to shit and now zombies are roaming around.  As the movie moves along we meet a man, Jeffrey (Lew Temple), that is staying in his attic with is unconscious son, a group of people that are trying to help any survivors, among them is Paul Irwin (Vernon Wells) and Elsa (Felissa Rose) and lastly that Sarah is planning on leaving Frank and that Nash has fallen in love with her.  Will anyone live or will this be a really sad Christmas?

The acting throughout the movie is very uneven.  There are scenes where Jack Forcinito hits it and makes you really believe what he is saying, but then the very next scene makes you want to cry with how terrible it is.  The same is true for the rest of the cast.  Sometimes they are dead on and other times they are just rotten, but in the end they are more on the ball than off.

Just like the acting the effects are a mixed bag of barf and candy.  Sometimes you get a great scene where squibs are popping all over the place and then there are other times where it’s CG hell and the bullet hits look like really bad paintball.  When they use practical effects it really does shine and the makeup for the zombies looks really good.

There are a lot of things about this movie that I really loved, but the one thing that really surprised me is that it took only fifty two seconds before the first zombie attack and if you actually take out the company title cards it only took twenty five seconds.  Now that is awesome.  They start with the attacks and as the movie moves along you get to know the characters.  Normally it’s the opposite but in this movie it actually works and it works well.  Another thing that I really liked was that there were both types of zombies, fast and slow.  Late in the movie they bring it up and try to explain a bit, but they never really get far into it because the characters don’t really know anything about it.  You know what they know and that’s it.  This movie was a big surprise and a lot of fun.

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