Blick Tolkien reviews The Walking Dead – Cold Storage

The Walking Dead - Cold Storage 5 to 9 min., 2012
Written by John Esposito
Directed by Gregory Nicotero
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

This season Storage Wars gets real!

* * *


This is a brief look into the world created by Robert Kirkman and the lives of the human beings that have to survive in and navigate the reality of azombie apocalypse. This four episode web series centers on a man named Chase and his interactions with a storage facility employee named BJ in an effort to survive the zombie infested landscape while searching for his missing sister.


This is the second web series for us fan boys and zombie apocalypse junkies that can’t get enough of the world of The Walking Dead. In this little installment, we follow Chase, who is travelling with a caravan of other survivors headed for D.C. When we find him however, he is with his partner scavenging for supplies before they rendezvous with the group. They spot a car parked outside a storage facility and decide to check the car for supplies. In doing so Chase’s partner gets himself chomped while he escapes only barely into the safety of the storage facility. He finds refuge inside a storage unit with rolling shutters but it seems like luck is not on his side today since it won’t completely close. As zombies are pawing at him through the few inches of open space, the music actually gives you a better sense of how dire his situation is. Moments later, three shots ring, out each at point blank range entering the heads of the three zombies. This is where BJ, the storage facilities sole surviving employee, enters the picture. BJ ends up moments after saving Chase’s ass attempting to boot that same ass out the door it came through. After striking a bargain to help him get the generators for the building up and running, he agrees to consider giving Chase the truck parked outside so he can make the rendezvous. That bargain being established, Chase is given a tour of the facility ending with a storage unit belonging to “some cop.” After perusing some photo albums inside the unit, you find the six degrees of separation still in full effect since the photos are of Rick and his family.

Having had his fill of someone else’s family photos and a change of clothes he heads down the generator to earn his truck. Chase, after almost getting himself eaten in the basement, narrowly escapes yet again but emerges with his task completed. After disposing of the zombie’s body, it seems the only thing BJ has to pay him with are silver pieces…shaped into a bullet and colliding with his skull. BJ leaves him for dead but it turns out he was only grazed and unconscious. He returns to the storage facility, checks one of the rooms where BJ was earlier and comes across what seems to be the only other survivor named Kelly. It seems Kelly has been kept as a sex slave in a storage space adorned with a bunch of red material the same color as the lingerie she has been forced to wear. After Chase convinces her that he is not there to play a round of “who wants to rape the resident,” she fills him in on all the sordid details surrounding the death of her coworkers and BJ’s involvement. It seems that once the dead started rising, BJ lost his shit, came into work, and shot every damn body. The only reason she isn’t milling about looking for brains is his affection for her and need for something warm at night. Having almost had his brains blown out, Chase has no problem believing this and sets out to make his escape. BJ stops them both before he can make it out, but with both him and Chase armed we have a Mexican standoff. It seems Kelly has become the bargaining chip since BJ doesn’t want to let her go and Chase doesn’t want to leave her behind. Finally Kelly takes matters into her own hands and takes a page from Meshone’s handbook and cleaves the fat bastard’s head from his shoulders leaving them free to ride off into the sunset, literally.

This time around the webisodes were able to do successful what they attempted to do the first time around namely create suspense, make you care about the characters, and effectively use the location to create a dual sense of isolation as well as abundance. I like the fact that BJ was theking of this little castle and ran it how he saw fit. Even though Chase interrupts his rule, it’s plain his intentions are simply to get in and get out. This all comes together extremely well and has definitely earned the four stars I am giving it. If the next set of webisodes (which are rumored to have Darryl in them) are as good as this was, I think we are all in for a real treat. Looks like I’ll be back on my walking dead reviews starting with season 3 episode 1 very soon. Until that time, take care of each other and may all your films bring fright.

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