The Drudgeon reviews Resonnances

Resonnances 83 min., 2006
Written by Philippe Robert
Directed by Philippe Robert
Language: French
My rating: ★★★★

A big surprise and a whole lot of fun.

* * *

The movie begins in 1663 as a woman (Livane Revel) is walking while carrying some laundry.  We next see a meteor flying through space and crash near her, causing her to fall down.  As she gets up there is a rumbling and the ground starts to lift up.  She screams and runs as the lifting ground gets closer and then she is attacked by something.  We jump to modern times where a man named Thomas (Romain Ogerau) is getting his car cleaned and talking to his friend Yann (Yann Sundberg).  After their brief talk there is a knock at Yann’s door.  He answers the door to find his girlfriend Karine (Sophie Michard).  Thomas shows up and they get in the car to head to their next friend’s house.  They get there and we meet the video game nut Vincent (Vincent Lecompte).  After a little spat they head to their other friend’s house to have some dinner and we meet Elodie (Marjorie Dubesset) and Tina (Johanna Andraos).  After the dinner the three girls get in one car and the guys in another.  While driving Thomas’ car dies and he realizes that they are out of gas.  They push the car to a station and they meet a man named Sebastien (Patrick Mons) who asks for a ride to the next town and they agree.  While trying to catch up to the girls their car is attacked by some strange tentacle which knocks them off a cliff.  The car lands in a tree and then ends up falling the rest of the way.  As they start getting out of the car it sinks into the ground.  Now stuck in the woods with a strange creature and a killer on the loose can they survive?

From the beginning of the movie I was expecting some really shitty acting, but boy way I wrong.  The entire cast brought in really great performances especially from Vincent Lecompte and Patrick Mons.  Upon meeting Vincent (the character) you don’t expect much from him and Vincent does a great job at playing that part, but when Vincent (character) starts to turn around Vincent, again, has no problem making the turn to that side of the character.  When the character of Sebastien is shown to be the killer that is being talked about on the radio I was expecting a completely crazy person or an extremely intelligent villain, but Patrick Mons plays the character as if Sebastien was a real person, that just happens to kill people.  Well played by everyone.

The effects in the movie range from great to pretty sloppy.  Now the sloppy effects that I’m talking about are some of the CG.  Not being the biggest fan of CG and with the monster being entirely CG boy was I worried.  To my pleasure as the movie moved along I forgot that the monster was CG and just enjoyed the movie.  Sure, if I stopped and looked at each scene I could easily tell the CG and rip it to shreds, but the movie is so much fun and so well done that I forgot all about my dislike of CG.  To me, that shows that the effects worked.

From the get go of the movie I wasn’t expecting much, but as the movie moves along it just a really great ride.  When the character of Vincent is introduced I pegged him as the first one to die or the first one to lose it, but to my surprise he is the one that stands strong and it’s not even out of character.  He doesn’t all of a sudden have this moment of clarity that makes him jump to the challenge, it more along the lines that he needs to save his friends.  While Yann (the one I expected to be the main character) loses his mind, again in a very realistic manner, Vincent tries his best to save them.  It’s nice to see me proven wrong and this movie really does that quite a few times.  One of the other times is when the character of Elodie is being held at gun point.  I was expecting one of the other girls to jump and save her or Yann/Vincent to save the day, but no.  With little warning she is just shot and killed.  Director Philippe Robert made a great product that takes some of the conventions and ignores them.  This movie is just a lot of fun.

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