The Drudgeon reviews Tales From The Crypt – Episode 002 – And All Through The House

Tales From The Crypt - Episode 002 - And All Through The House 22 min., 1989
Written by Fred Dekker
Directed by Robert Zemeckis
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

Never kill a loved one on Christmas Eve.

* * *

The episode begins with the Crypt Keeper (voiced by John Kassir) walking in dressed as Santa and wearing someone’s face.  We are introduced to the episode called And All Through The House.  It starts with a woman (Mary Ellen Trainor) grabbing a fire poker and her husband (Marshall Bell) telling her that she needs to fix the fire.  He tells her to let him have the fire poker and she gives it to him, in the fucking head.  Right after she pulls the fire poker out of the top of his head, her little girl Carrie Ann (Lindsey Whitney Barry) comes down the stairs excited about Santa showing up.  The mother rushes her back to her room and then starts to move the body outside.  Once outside she is attacked by a crazy Santa (Larry Drake) with an axe.  She gets the axe from him and gets into the house but is she safe or will Santa make her pay for being naughty?

The cast does a really good job with their roles but the real stand out is Larry Drake as the killer Santa.  Everything about him is just slimy, from his messed up teeth to the look in his demented eyes.  Even the way he moves just oozes creepy uncle.  Then when you see him holding the little girls hand you can just picture exactly what he is going to do to her.

One thing that has always surprised me about Tales From The Crypt has been the effects.  Considering it’s just a TV show the effects are almost always top notch and this episode is no different.  Along those lines are the costumes.  The choices that were made for the characters fit perfectly, especially the extremely dirty Santa costume (including a pillow for the belly) and the slimy beard.

The one thing that I’ve always loved about Tales From The Crypt is that there is always consequences for the “villain” in the episodes.  They always get what is coming to them and it’s always done in a very good way.  They don’t always die because sometimes living and seeing what is happening to someone you care about is just worse.  This is still one of my favorite episodes.

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