The Drudgeon reviews Silent Night, Deadly Night – Part 2

Silent Night, Deadly Night - Part 2 88 min., 1987
Written by Lee Harry/Joseph H. Earle/Dennis Patterson/Lawrence Appelbaum
Directed by Lee Harry
Language: English
My rating: ★★

It’s the first movie with a different ending!?

* * *

The movie begins with Ricky Caldwell (Eric Freeman) talking to Dr. Henry Bloom (James L. Newman) about the events of the first movie.  For the next forty minutes we are treated to most of the first movie in flashbacks.  After that we finally get to know exactly how Ricky got caught and brought into custody.  He starts telling stories about his younger days and then when he finally met someone that he didn’t want to kill, Jennifer Statson (Elizabeth Cayton).  After more stories and him finally getting into a Santa outfit, the movie is over.

So the acting is pretty much the same as the first because it was pretty much only the first movie.  That aside, we have Eric Freeman as the younger brother of the killer from the first movie now grown up.  The main problem is that Eric Freeman takes every single emotion and blows them out of proportion.  So no matter how menacing he is trying to be there is no possible way to take him serious.  Then there is the “famous” street walking and killing scene.  Now that could’ve actually been a really cool scene, but his performance just kills the whole thing.  He tries to do crazy but instead we get a scene that seems like it’s Elmo from Sesame Street (brought to you by the liquid blood).

The effects of the movie are pretty cheap but then again the whole movie has a recycled feel (and a lot is actually recycled) to it.  Then again there is a really fun kill that involves an umbrella.  Then there is the street walking scene which makes me laugh every time.

Just like this movie does, stick to the first movie it is far superior.  If you do decide to watch this, then you should just skip forty minutes into the movie and start there.

As far as the rating of one star goes it is just for the street walking scene.  The actual movie is complete shit and a skull!

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