The Drudgeon reviews Tales From The Darkside – Episode 058 – Seasons Of Belief

Tales From The Darkside - Episode 058 - Seasons Of Belief 22 min., 1986
Written by Michael Bishop/Michael McDowell
Directed by Michael McDowell
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

Never stop believing.

* * *

The episode begins with a father (E.G. Marshall) and mother (Margaret Klenck) watching their two kids, Jimbo (Sky Berdahl) and Stefa (Jenna Von Oy), act very bored.  It turns out that they don’t really believe much anymore.  So their father decides to tell them a little story about a creature called the Grither.  You see the more you say its name, Grither, the bigger its ears get and then it starts to follow who is saying its name.  Then it come into the house with its long arms and gobbles them up.  So as the story goes along Stefa really starts getting scared, but Jimbo isn’t as easily convinced.  That is until there is a bang at the front door.

For the most part the acting is pretty solid in this episode.  Both E.G. Marshall and Margaret Klenck do a great job, but the stand out was young Jenna Von Oy.  If you know anything about me it should be that I hate child actors.  There are so few that I actually think are good that it’s pretty pathetic.  So it is really quite surprising to me that there is a child actor that does a really great job and they are on an anthology TV show.  This little girl puts everything into her role and when she is supposed to be scared, you really do believe her.  On the opposite side we have Sky Berdahl.  He isn’t all that good and he is a good example of why I hate child actors.

There are almost no effects in the movie, but when they do finally appear it’s really well done.  As to not give anything away, that’s all I’ll say.

This is a fun Christmas episode from a horror anthology series which is usually overlooked for The Twilight Zone or Tales From The Crypt.  Probably because it wasn’t the one with the most impact or it didn’t go as far as others, but it’s a fun series and this is a very strong episode.  Enjoy.

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