The Drudgeon reviews Silent Night, Deadly Night 4

Silent Night, Deadly Night 4aka Silent Night, Deadly Night IV – Initiation
90 min., 1990
Written by Richard N. Gladstein/Arthur H. Gorson/Woody Keith/S.J. Smith/Brian Yuzna
Directed by Brian Yuzna
Language: English
My rating: ★

This was done better in Rosemary’s Baby.

* * *

The movie begins a homeless guy, Ricky (Clint Howard), walking down a street.  He then hears a scream and a woman, who is on fire, falls from a roof and dies.  We then meet a woman named Kim (Neith Hunter) who is trying to advance at her job at the LA Eye (newspaper) where she works with her boyfriend Hank (Tommy Hinkley) and their boss Eli (Reggie Bannister).  She decides to start snooping around and asking questions.  In a bookstore looking for a book on spontaneous combustion she bumps into Ricky and she ends up meeting a woman named Fima (Maud Adams).  She gets two books and gets led up to the roof.  While up there she bumps into Ricky again who pulls a giant maggot from a vent.  She gets home and she is suddenly seeing bugs everywhere and in every size.  As time starts to pass she is starting to see things, like Fima and her friends performing a strange ritual which includes a giant maggot going in her stomach and coming out her mouth.  Is she really seeing these things or is she just going crazy?

I can go into a large amount of bitching and moaning about this movie and the acting, the effects, the atrocious story or the shit awful dialogue, but in the end I just don’t fucking care enough.  This movie was just complete garbage from beginning to end.  I feel the more time I spend on this movie other than the time it took to watch and the short amount of time I’ve already taken writing this I could have killed myself at least fifty times over and I would be getting more accomplished.  In fact…

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