The Drudgeon reviews Silent Night, Deadly Night 5 – The Toy Maker

Silent Night, Deadly Night 5 - The Toy Makeraka Silent Night, Deadly Night V – The Toy Maker
90 min., 1991
Written by Martin Kitrosser/Brian Yuzna
Directed by Martin Kitrosser
Language: English
My rating: ★★★

A big surprise and we’re back to a Christmas story.

* * *

The movie begins with two people, Sarah (Jane Higginson) and Tom (Van Quattro), having sex and a little boy, Derek (William Thorne) waking up from a dream.  He sees them having sex and he hears a sound downstairs.  He goes to the front door and finds a gift outside.  He takes it and starts to open it.  Tom, his dad, interrupts him and scolds him, telling him to go back to bed.  Tom continues to open the gift after it starts moving in the box.  Inside is a toy that attacks and kills him.  Two weeks later Derek now refuses to talk and is pretty much afraid of sleeping in his own room.  Sarah, his mom, has been trying everything she can, including taking him to the local toy store owned by an old man named Joe Petto (Mickey Rooney).  While at the store they meet Joe’s son, Pino (Brian Bremer) who seems just a little off.  To complicate matters even more, there is a guy named Noah (Tracy Fraim) following Sarah and Derek, and more toys are killing people.  Is this Noah guy responsible or is Mr. Petto up to something?

The acting in the movie is actually pretty solid.  Some of the acting is just okay, but there are two performances that more than make up for it.  First is Jane Higginson who plays the distraught mother perfectly.  She has so much hope in her eyes when she is trying to help her son, but when it doesn’t work she just gets this total look of destruction across her face that you really do believe that she is crushed by her sadness.  The other standout and probably the best has to be Brian Bremer.  From the get go you realize that there is something off about the character of Pino and Tracy Fraim plays him creepily well.  His best parts are towards the end of the movie when there is more of a focus on him, but early on there is a scene where he is walking about Sarah’s house.  His is poking around everything and instead of it coming off as creepy or even innocent, it’s just a feel of this is his house and these are his things that he is rediscovering.  Considering the last movie I was really surprised by the two really good and standout performances.  Also Neith Hunter, reprising Kim from part 4, is in the movie and she must have had some acting lessons from last movie because she is actually pretty good in this one.

The effects are all over the place throughout the movie.  The place where they do shine is when a couple is attacked by toys and when there is the big reveal towards the end of the movie.  Both of those scenes are really well done, but the rest is pretty poor.

This movie has its problems and there are quite a few of them, but in the end it’s a pretty fun story.  Pretty much in the Silent Night, Deadly Night series I would suggest you watch the first because it’s really good, the second (just the last half) because it’s so funny and then this one because its finally gotten back to the dark Christmas and it doesn’t feel as hammy as the last two entries.

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