Curiosities from the DVD Vault 3 [Selected by the Drudgeon]

What happened to the “special bonuses” that used to come with movies?  For a very brief time stores used to sell movies with extra bonuses that you could only get at that store.  Now I’m not saying that that doesn’t happen anymore, but at a point in time it seemed that every movie got a little bonus and that stores were fighting over trying to be the one to sell the most.  This time around I’m going to bring up a few that I thought were really cool or really lame and trust me there were a lot of both.

First off is one of my favorites.  Best Buy was one of the best stores to “give” you extra stuff and one of those was The Hills Have Eyes (the remake).  It came with a special blood cover, think about the normal cover and then add a plastic bag over it with fake blood inside.  Another from Best Buy that I thought was really cool was Saw II.  When you bought it you got a free mini-comic called “Rebirth” that showed the creation of Billy.  It was really neat and a great way to draw someone in.

Second are the not great but not terrible bonuses.  Best Buy released a version of Saw III that came with a film cell.  It’s pretty neat but then again it’s pretty useless.  Another average bonus are the actual bonus discs.  Wal-Mart released Final Destination 3 with a special bonus disc.  On the disc are all the deaths of the first three films and a special behind the scenes video.  Again it’s kinda neat but after you watch it once it pretty much just sits there.

Lastly are the really lame bonuses.  Now I could name about a dozen movies that were released with “bonus” discs that were nothing more than extra trailers and I find that to be completely lame.  Another thing that some stores did, was that they released the movies with “special” covers.  A good example of this is (again) Final Destination 3.  Target released it with a “special” cover, which was the normal cover but it looked almost 3Dish and that was it.  Sorry if you are going to try and lure me in with something special then you better make it pretty darn special (like the blood bag cover).

In the end it more comes down to the question of, what happened.  Did stores realize that a tiny bonus isn’t going to make you change stores?  Was it just too costly to spend extra money on these extras especially for movies like Final Destination 3 or The Hills Have Eyes?  I really don’t know and I probably never will, but that was a pretty fun time where I actually paid attention to store ads and I really don’t think I’ll ever do that again.

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  1. John Bruni says:

    Holy fuck, I am with you on this one. By the way, did you ever see the shitty “bonus” that came with the collection of the Child’s Play movies (minus the first one)? Fucking terrible. However, the talking Frankenhooker VHS box back in the day was pretty sweet.

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