The Drudgeon reviews Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Episode 039-042

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Episode 039-042 45 min. each, 1998
Written by Various
Directed by Various
Language: English
My rating: Various

What can I really say beside; this show would be really awesome if it wasn’t for Buffy.  Yep that’s it for this intro.

Season 3 episode 5, originally broadcast November 3 1988
Written and directed by David Greenwalt
My rating: *

Homecoming is approaching and Buffy is feeling sorry for herself because she isn’t the center of attention like she was at her old school.  Cordelia is running for homecoming queen and after Buffy and her getting into an argument, Buffy decides that she is going to be homecoming queen.  While all this is going on Scott (Buffy’s boyfriend) breaks up with her because she has been very distracted, possibly because she has been “taking care” of Angel, who she still hasn’t told her friends about and Mr. Trick has set up an event called SlayerFest ’98 where a few hunters have come together to try and kill Buffy and Faith.  Faith tricks Cordelia and Buffy into riding in the limo together so they can get over their petty fight, but in the end they are taken to a wooded area where the hunt begins.  While trapped in house Cordelia expresses her actual love for Xander, the only problem is that while trying on clothes for homecoming, Xander and Willow kiss and realize that there may be more going on between them other than being good friends.  Towards the end of the episode we finally get to meet Mayor Richard Wilkins.

This was an interesting episode with some really good spots and some really terrible ones.  First off the play between Cordelia and Buffy is really well done and the whole feel of homecoming queen (even thou my school never had a homecoming queen) is portrayed well.  Of the many problems with the episode the one that really stuck with me was the end.  I was expecting there to maybe be a message of high school isn’t all that important and that being queen isn’t all it’s cracked up to be but the ending message of the episode is that it really is that important.  Really?  Another question I have is with the two German guys.  How could no one notice the dozen bullet holes in the walls or the two dead Germans in the building?  On the other end I really did like how the chemistry between Xander and Willow felt completely natural.  There are other times where you have to characters that have no chemistry and they seem very forced together, but these two have great chemistry and they play it perfectly.

“Band Candy”
Season 3 episode 6, originally broadcast November 10 1998
Written by Jane Espenson
Directed by Michael Lange
My rating: Zero Stars (The Skull)

So the school has decided to sell candy for the band and it is forcing non-band members to sell it.  Buffy has been getting worked to the bone between Giles and her mom, but while this is going on she has been lying and sneaking off to help take care of Angel.  She is finally caught and confronted, but she gets mad and starts complaining how they are treating her like a child.  During the fight Giles and Buffy’s mom are consistently eating the chocolate and they are starting to talk strangely.  As the episode moves along it seems that all of the adults in the town are acting like teens and pretty much just having a good time.  It seems that the Mayor needs to pay a tribute to a demon called Lurconis and with the help of Mr. Trick and Ethan Rayne (you might remember him from a couple past episodes) that’s where the chocolate comes into play.

So the whole point of this episode is to show that, what, parents are worse than teens?  Okay, whatever.  Actually my biggest complaint about this episode is the overall story.  So the big plan is that the bad guys need to get the parents to stop paying attention so that they can get a tribute to some monster.  With the use of the chocolate it must be a really fucking big tribute, right?  Nope it was just four babies.  I was expecting the tribute would be twenty teens or even fifteen babies, but nope it was only four.  The evil forces that be had to turn every parent in town into a teenager just so they could kidnap four babies, right… Why didn’t they just break in, steal the kids and then go to their hideout?  I really don’t think that the cops would go into the sewers to look for them, at least until it was too late.  Then again they didn’t even take the kids from any homes, they took them from a hospital so I think it would be a whole lot easier to knock out a few nurses and take the babies then to “poison” the whole town.  Wow, what a lame plot.

Season 3 episode 7, originally broadcast November 17 1998
Written by Douglas Petrie
Directed by James A. Contner
My rating: Zero Stars (The Skull)

There’s a new Watcher in town and she goes by the name of Gwendolyn Post and she has been sent by The Council to watch over Faith.  She starts getting on Giles back about being too lenient.  After some time there is news that a new demon, Lagos, is in town and he is looking for the Glove of Myneghon which has unknown power.  It is found out that the glove is in a crypt so after almost getting caught kissing Willow, Xander decides to go and check out a crypt on his own.  He gets there and sees Angel leaving the crypt.  Xander follows Angel and he sees him and Buffy kissing.  He goes back and tells everyone about what he saw, so they decide to try and intervene and talk to Buffy.  Buffy really doesn’t care because he knows that Angel is better and no one understands.  Xander brings up some really good points that are completely ignored and Giles is the only one that (kinda) defends Buffy, that is until they are alone and he lays into her about how he was tortured by Angel and that by lying to him it shows that she doesn’t respect him.  As it turns out Gwendolyn isn’t actually an active Watcher and she is the one that is looking for the glove.  There is a confrontation, Gwendolyn is killed, Angel saves Willow and everything is now all better.

What can I say about this episode beside, lame?  They bring in another character that you know isn’t going to be around long and then it’s supposed to be some big surprise that that character is actually evil.  That aside what bothered me most about this episode is that they try and compare Willow and Xander’s kissing with Buffy hiding a murderer.  That is one of the worst comparisons that I think I’ve ever heard.  Another thing that really irked me was that Xander and Giles really bring up some really great points about how terrible Angel is, but because it’s Buffy everyone has to understand and just put up with it.  That is total bullshit.  If fact, pretty much everything about this episode is bullshit.

“Lovers Walk”
Season 3 episode 8, originally broadcast November 24 1998
Written by Dan Vebber
Directed by David Semel
My rating: ***

Can you guess who is back in town?  Probably not, because I wasn’t expecting him to show up.  It’s Spike.  Hooray!  It seems that Spike is back in town because he has lost Drusilla’s love and he doesn’t know what to do, so now all he does is drink.  As this is going on the group gets there test scores back and it turns out that Buffy is even more perfect than originally thought because she is also a genius.  With the scores in hand, Buffy’s mom (and Giles) now thinks it’s a good idea that maybe Buffy move away and go to a good college.  That aside, Willow and Xander are still fighting their feelings so much to the point that Willow is going to make an anti-love potion.  When Spike hears this he get the wonderful idea to use a love potion on Drusilla, so he kidnaps Willow and Xander in hopes that he can force Willow to make it for him.  Spike and Willow have a really nice heart to heart until he leaves to go and get components for the spell with the help of Buffy and Angel.  Near the end Oz and Cordelia finally see Xander and Willow kissing which makes Cordelia fall through some stairs where she get impaled upon a rebar.  In the hospital she tells Xander to stay away from her.

So this is one of the better episodes so far and that is mainly because of James Marsters who makes Spike a likeable character and even when he has the most stupid dialogue it still comes out sounding good.  He really knows how to handle a character, unlike some of the others in the show.  Now there is a big complaint about this episode, okay not really this episode but the character of Buffy.  So we already know that she is pretty much perfect, but it’s always been pretty solidly stated that Willow is the smartest character, but not Buffy is the smart character.  I really hate characters that are perfect in every way and even when they do make a mistake it is forgotten about because of who they are.  Buffy is a perfect example of this and it just annoys the shit out of me.

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