The Drudgeon reviews Monster Brawl

Monster Brawl 89 min., 2011
Written by Jesse Thomas Cook
Directed by Jesse Thomas Cook
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

What happens when you get some of the greatest monsters to wrestle?  This happens.

* * *

It’s really hard to really give a plot synopsis of this movie because there really isn’t an ongoing plot.  Basically we get commentary, before, during and after each match, from Buzz Chambers (Dave Foley) and Sid “Sasquatch” Tucker (Art Hindle).  Before each match we get to see some of the history of each monster that is fighting and how they ended up here.  They fight a match to the death and then we move onto the next round.  There are two conferences, the creatures and the undead, and there are two weight classes in each.  The pairings are as follows.  Cyclops (Jason David Brown) versus Witch Bitch (Holly Letkeman), Lady Vampire (Kelly Couture) versus the Mummy (R.J. Skinner), Swamp Gut (Jason David Brown) versus Werewolf (R.J. Skinner), and lastly Frankenstein (Robert Maillet) versus Zombie Man (Rico Montana).  The last fight is between the winners of the heavyweight classes.  The whole thing is narrated by Lance Henriksen and the fighters are introduced by Jimmy “The Mouth Of The South” Hart.  It’s pretty much that simple.

The acting was really well done in the movie, at least to me.  Well Dave Foley is pretty much always great and he and Art Hindle played really well off of each other, with Art being more of the straight forward guy and Dave being more of the why-am-I-doing-this type.  Their dialogue is really funny (most of the time) and Dave’s facial expressions are priceless.  As far as the wrestlers go, they were really well played.  It did feel like I was watching an actual Pay-Per-View match, then again I’m not a wrestling fan so I could actually be completely off base, but it felt right to me.

The biggest surprise to me with this movie was the effects.  I was expecting some completely lame and underdone effects, but they really went pretty far with them.  There is a good mix of minor gore and some really good over-the-top gore.  It was a big surprise and they were some really great effects throughout.

In the end you don’t actually have to be a wrestling fan to enjoy this movie.  There are times where it seems to drag and sometimes the fights were just too long or too short, then again that is how wrestling is so they kept it in those bounds.  My biggest complaint is with some of the matches and who won and who lost, I won’t say any of them, but I felt some of them were just playing to favorites.  Wait…isn’t that what wrestling is about?

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