The Drudgeon reviews Night Of The Demons

Night Of The Demonsaka Halloween Party
90 min., 1988
Written by Joe Augustyn
Directed by Kevin S. Tenney
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

How does one eat a bowl of fuck?

* * *

It’s Halloween night and Angela (Mimi Kinkade) and her friend Suzanne (Linnea Quigley) decide to have a party, but the difference is that they have decided to throw it at the abandoned place known as Hull House.  Among the guests are good girl Judy (Cathy Podewell), her boyfriend Jay (Lance Fenton), her ex-boyfriend Sal (William Gallo), couple Max (Philip Tanzini) and Frannie (Jill Terashita), party animal Stooge (Hal Havins), scared Roger (Alvin Alexis) and even more scared Helen (Allison Barron).  Judy pulls out a strobe light and they start to party.  The music dies so they try to think of something else to do.  They come up with the great idea to have a past life séance.  During it Helen sees a strange demon in the mirror which falls over.  We then get a POV of some demon that goes upstairs and goes into Suzanne.  Roger and Helen both decide to leave but the problem is that they can’t find the gate to leave.  The movie goes along and more of the partiers are possessed and some die.  Will anyone get out of Hull House alive?

What can I say about this movie and the acting that takes place within?  For one most of the cast seems to have trouble remembering their lines, then again with lines like “eat a bowl of fuck” I guess they you really can’t take much of what you are saying seriously.  Then again there are a few performances that are pretty good.  For one you have Hal Havins who plays the scummy, fat party animal.  He seems to have no problem pulling off that character and making him believable, and that’s kinda creepy right there.  Then we have Linnea Quigley who bounces from great to terrible in the matter of a few seconds.  One of my favorite scenes with her is the makeup scene when Jay walks in.  She just looks so lost and scared while she’s saying that it’s just not right.

The effects of the movie are actually pretty darn good.  Seeing this movie quite a few years ago and loving it, I was expecting the effects to have aged pretty poorly, but I was really surprised.  Don’t get me wrong there are times when the effects are lame, but on the whole they are still good and affective.  My favorite is a tie between the eyeball gouge and the lipstick in the nipple.  Both are great but on very different levels.

This movie has a lot going for it but the beginning can turn a lot of people off especially because it oozes bad eighties movie.  But if you actually watch the whole thing you will be treated to some great deaths and a really interesting dance number.  The whole point of this movie is to toss a lot of the clichés to the side and mock (lovingly) other movies.  Fun from the beginning where an old man who hates kids holds up an apple and some razor blades, gives an evil grin and they laughs, to the ending where we go back to the old man and we see what happens to him.  Fun, fun and more fun.

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