The Drudgeon reviews Bite Me!

Bite Me! 85 min., 2004
Written by Brett Piper
Directed by Brett Piper
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

Misty Mundae!!!!!  Five stars!!!!

* * *

The movie begins with two guys in a car that are delivering some “special” pot to another two guys.  They end up getting into an accident, but the other two guys take the delivery and move it to the next destination, a strip club called the Go-Go-Saurus.  The place is owned by a pretty scummy guy called Ralph (Michael R. Thomas) but there is another person that is trying to take over, a woman named Teresa (Julian Wells).  Also in the club are the tough bartender Gina (Sylvianne Chebance) and three strippers, unconfident Crystal (Misty Mundae/Erin Brown – drool…), clumsy Trix (Erika Smith) and could-care-less Amber (Caitlin Ross).  The shipment gets to the club and from inside crawls a spider with a human looking face.  After some time there are more and Ralph ends up getting an exterminator, Terence or Buzz to his friends (Rob Monkiewicz).  As he starts looking for the nest more spider things start to appear and bite some of the staff.  As everything starts to go to shit a bat shit DEA agent, Myles McCarthy (John Paul Fedele) shows up because he has been tracking the pot.  Can Buzz kill the evil spider things or will they take over the strip club?

As much as I just want to have my entire review be, Misty Mundae need I say more, I probably shouldn’t.  You know what fuck you.

Misty Mundae…Need I say more!

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