The Drudgeon reviews Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Episodes 051-054

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Episodes 051-054 45 min. each, 1999
Written by Various
Directed by Various
Language: English
My rating: Various

Season 3 episode 17, originally broadcast March 16 1999
Written by Douglas Petrie
Directed by David Grossman
My rating: **

So the episode begins with Faith and Buffy talking while doing their rounds.  They bump into a demon that tells them that he has The Books Of Ascension and that he will give the books to them for five thousand dollars, which he wants so he can leave Sunnydale.  After talking with Giles and rest of the group, they realize that there is very little on the Ascension but they books sound very useful.  Faith finds where the demon is living and takes the books after killing him.  She then goes to see Angel and tries to have sex with him, so he can lose his soul again, but he refuses and Faith goes back to the Mayor.  He comes up with another way and sends Faith out to try again.  She throws (what looks like) blood on him and then a man appears from the shadows and starts chanting.  There is a lightshow and Angel falls over and when he gets up he appears to be Angelus now.  Him and Faith fight and then make out.  After that they go to see the Mayor who has them torture and then kill Buffy.  They trick Buffy and after a long speech about how much better Buffy has it than Faith it is revealed that Angel has been faking it the whole time.  Buffy and Faith fight to a draw and Faith takes off.

This was an okay episode with a few really good parts, but overall it’s pretty much the same where they put a main character in danger and you know that they will be fine.  In fact that’s the best way to describe this episode, just fine.

Season 3 episode 18, originally broadcast September 21 1999
Written by Jane Espenson
Directed by Regis Kimble
My rating: Zero Stars (The Skull)

The episode opens with Buffy fighting two demons.  She slams one on a table stabs it, killing it.  It seems that some of its blood got on her hand and it seems to absorb into her skin.  Things are going pretty normal until Buffy’s hand starts to itch pretty badly.  Giles finds out that Buffy may gain something from the demon which makes Buffy worry about growing horns or claws.  As the day moves on Buffy starts hearing what other people are thinking.  It’s going really well because it is able to let her cheat in class but then the voices start to get muddled because she is hearing everyone at once.  While in the lunchroom it finally becomes too much and during a moment of clarity she hears someone say that tomorrow they will kill everyone, and after that she passes out.  She wakes up and warns her friends about what she heard.  Giles takes her home and the rest of the group starts talking to everyone that was in the lunchroom, trying to figure out who the killer could be.  After time they think that it is Jonathan (a minor character the pops up every once in a while) and when Buffy finds him with a rifle in the tower, she explains that everyone has it hard and that killing people isn’t the answer.  Jonathan looks shocked and tells her that he was going to kill himself and that he would never heart anyone else.  In the end it turns out to be the lunch lady, exactly how Xander suggested earlier in the episode.

Great I get to hear another episode about how hard cheerleaders and jocks have it and that they know exactly how the losers of the school feel.  Buffy’s life sucks and no one likes her…except for pretty much the whole school, which we see in at least two past episodes and later in the episode The Prom.  Sorry you can say whatever you want but I just don’t buy that bullshit.

Season 3 episode 19, originally broadcast May 4 1999
Written by David Fury
Directed by James A. Contner
My rating: ***

So everyone in the gang, except Xander, has gotten their acceptance letters from collage (or collages in Willows case).  They talk about it and Buffy feels sorry for herself because she can’t leave Sunnydale.  On the other side is the Mayor who is very happy because a box, the Box of Gavrok, is being delivered and it will help with his ascension so Faith goes and retrieves the box, killing the delivery guy.  Buffy decides that the best course of action is to take the Mayor head-on because if she does that then maybe she can leave town.  Willow uses magic to break the protective barrier and then Buffy is lowered down to get it.  The thing jams and Angel and Buffy are forced to fight two vampires.  They get away with the box and everything seems fine that is until they realize that Willow has been captured.  Buffy and the group finally meet the Mayor face to face and they find out what’s in the box.

This was a fun episode mainly because it really has a lot more of the Mayor in it.  We see that Willow has perfected the floating pencil, so well in fact that she is able to kill a vampire with it.  Now Buffy wants to leave but keeps saying that she can’t even thou a few episodes ago Giles pretty much gave her permission to leave.  Again it feels like Buffy is just making shit up so people can feel bad for her.  That aside, this was a pretty fun episode.

“The Prom”
Season 3 episode 20, originally broadcast May 11 1999
Written by Marti Noxon
Directed by David Solomon
My rating: Zero Stars (The Skull)

The prom is upon Buffy and friends and everything is going great, that is until Angel breaks up with Buffy and she starts feeling even more sorry for herself that before.  One strange thing is that Anya is back and she is trying to get Xander to go to prom with her.  More talk about prom goes on, including them talking about dresses, Buffy complains more about just wanting to have a normal high school day and how much life sucks.  It also turns out that someone is going to try and kill everyone at prom and they are going to be using “very powerful” hell hounds to do it.  They figure out who is doing it and everyone ends up at the prom, and Buffy even get a special award from her classmates.  Barf…

Boo fuck hoo!  Buffy has it worse than everyone else and the world needs to know about it.  This episode is pretty much nothing but a huge cry fest for Buffy and that’s about it.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer is available at Netflix.

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