The Drudgeon reviews 6Teen – Episode 027 – Dude Of The Living Dead

6Teen - Episode 027 - Dude Of The Living Dead 43 min., 2005
Written by Tom McGillis/Jennifer Pertsch
Directed by Karen Lessmann/Gary Hurst
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

A fun little cartoon that has zombies in it.

* * *

The backstory of the cartoon is pretty simple.  There are six friends (all in their teens), laid back Jude (Christian Potenza), girl crazy Jonesy (Terry McGurrin), rocker Nikki (Stacey DePass), ditsy Caitlin (Brooke D’ Orsay), musician Wyatt (Jess Gibbons) and sporty Jen (Megan Fahlenbock).  They all have jobs (except for Jonesy who loses a different job every episode) at their local mall, which is huge (think Mall Of America but in Canada).  This episode begins with Jude working, well more like sleeping, at his job.  He serves Jen’s boss, Coach Halder, and then goes to meet up with the gang, because he is now on break.  As he is explaining how he didn’t get much sleep last night Jen walks up with a huge zit on her face.  After more talking they go about their jobs.  As the day moves along they start noticing people acting very strange.  Once Jonesy notices that Wyatt has a “dead” finger, that of Julie who works at Wonder Taco, in his taco, that’s when the pieces start to fall into place.  The mall is being overrun by zombies and they need to get to and warn their friends.  Will they get out of the mall alive or will they all be turned into zombies?

The voice acting in the show is really good.  The characters are believable and actually sound their age.  When everything starts going crazy he voice actors do a great job switching from normal to scared.  Even the characters that have turned into zombies make their voices just dark enough to be creepy but still sound like the original character.  Really good voice acting.

I really like the animation of 6teen.  It’s very simple but it’s also very fluid.  The backgrounds are detailed enough, but the main focus is always the characters.  The zombie “effects” are really fun and, while not really scary, they really get the point across.

Overall this is a fun episode and the best part is that you really don’t need to watch any of the show to follow what is going on.  The characters are pretty basic and there isn’t any need for a lot of backstory if you decide to watch it.  It’s just a fun show that happens to have zombies in this episode.

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