The Drudgeon reviews Masters Of Horror – Episode 010 – Sick Girl

Masters Of Horror - Episode 010 - Sick Girl 56 min., 2006
Written by Sean Hood/Lucky McKee
Directed by Lucky McKee
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

Remember that one movie where Angela Bettis played a lonely, awkward, eccentric bisexual? Yeah, it’s like that.

* * *


Awkward and unlucky in love, entomologist Ida Teeter thinks she may have hit the jackpot when she meets and becomes involved with an adorable artist named Misty Falls. At the same time, she receives a strange package from abroad, containing a mysterious and unclassified mantis-like insect (which she names Mick). However, Ida’s perfect relationship is put in danger when Mick bites Misty, triggering a series of bizarre personality changes…not to mention a physical transformation…


So far Masters of Horror has given us an adaptation of an H.P. Lovecraft story directed by Stuart Gordon, a tale of a mythical werecreature directed by John Landis, a meditation on the intersection of art and madness directed by John Carpenter, and a broad sociopolitical satire (including direct criticism of the media) directed by Joe Dante. The match-up of stories and directors will not come as any surprise…

We apologize for the problem.  It seems that the Drudgeon thinks it’s okay to steal other reviewers’ works.  He is being held in the dungeon right now and is being punished in the proper way.  Bad Drudgeon!!! Bad Drudgeon!!!

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