The Drudgeon reviews Shock-O-Rama

Shock-O-Rama 88 min., 2005
Written by Brett Piper
Directed by Brett Piper
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

An anthology that has a little bit of everything for everyone.

* * *

The first part (and the wrap around) is called Zombie This.

The movie begins with a make-up smeared and bloody woman (Misty Mundae) being chased by a man.  She falls into a dead body and as she is trying to get up the man pulls back his weapon, a weed whacker.  It then switches to the actress, Rebecca Raven, who played the woman talking about how she wants to work on actual good films.  She goes to confront the manager, Frank (Michael R. Thomas), but instead of getting better parts she gets fired.  So she decides to go to the country and take a rest.  While there she accidentally raises the dead.

The acting is a whole lot of fun with a ton of very quotable lines.  The effects are very simple but they work very well.

I give this one four stars.

The second part is called Mecharachnia.

This one begins with a space chase and one of the space ships crashing to Earth.  We then switch to a man named Jedd Callahan (Rob Monkiewicz) who pulls up to a scrap yard.  There are letters that tell him that he owes money, which he shouts that he knows.  He finds the ship and after trying to move it he finds a little nasty alien that tries to shot him.  Jedd gets is gun and they have a bit of a shot-out.  That is until Jedd ex, Linda (Caitlin Ross) shows up and then things really get crazy.

Like Zombie This, the acting is actually very solid and fun.  The only real flaw is the very cheesy CG that is used.  Now I wasn’t expecting the best in the world, but it seemed very rushed.

I give his one two stars.

The last is called Lonely Are The Brain.

A woman, Naomi (A.J. Khan), is experiencing a very erotic dream that involves a woman and herself.  After a little bit, the dream goes from sexy to terrifying when the woman changes into something different.  Naomi wakes up and is talked to by Dr. Carruthers (Julian Wells) about what is going on.  There is a house full of girls and they are all being dream tested, but there is more going on here than meets the eye because the dreams seem to follow a pattern and Naomi is going to figure out what is going on.

The acting is where this one really falls.  They’re okay but they don’t seem to be having as much fun as the others.  The effects are actually pretty good and work well.

I give this one two stars.

In the end this is a fun little anthology film that does have a bit of it all.  The first two are really fun and the last is pretty interesting.  There are a lot of good scenes and most of the dialogue is a lot of fun.  But what really makes this movie great is Misty Mundae.  She is just awesome in this movie.  Her character of Rebecca Raven seems to be a take on her “character” Misty Mundae and how she does want a change.  There are also a lot of scenes that mock movies that she has been in and it is all done very well.

Favorite Quote:

Rebecca Raven:  It’s like may characters have this mutant skin that just repels fabric!

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2 Responses to The Drudgeon reviews Shock-O-Rama

  1. Overall ok review but cheesy CGI? Brett Piper never uses CGI. FYI there is no cgi used in this film at all. It is all practical effects, mattes, miniature models and stop motion. As far as “rushed” goes those effects took many many months of work. I think that story is the best one because of the effects.

    • The Drudgeon says:

      Thanks for the info. I really thought that it was CG during the spaceship segments but if I was wrong, thanks. I know that effects take a while to do, days, weeks, months, but they did feel rushed to me. I’m not saying that they were terrible, they just didn’t feel very smoothed out. Then again I’ve never worked on effects so this is just from an outsiders perspective. Again, thanks for the info.

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