The Drudgeon reviews Sinful

Sinfulaka Sinful Wives
73 min., 2006
Written by Tony Marsiglia
Directed by Tony Marsiglia
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

A well done little movie and it has Misty Mundae!

* * *

The movie begins with a woman named Lilith (Misty Mundae) having sex with Jim (Ronnie Kerr), but the problem is that he isn’t hard enough for her to get off.  She then has a dream where her “daughter” tells her about a dream that she was having.  She wakes up and finds out that Jim didn’t the job he was trying to.  Later that night she tries to have sex with Jim again, but before anything can happen he passes out from drinking.  While pouting she leans against a wall and overhears the woman next door having sex.  She feels a connection but can’t explain how.  The next day, while at the doctor’s office, Lilith meets a woman named Aisha (Erika Smith) who is the woman in the other room.  They talk and Aisha tells her how they have made a new life.  After seeing her doctor she finds out that it’s very unlikely that she will ever have a child.  After this news she starts down a dark tunnel that she may never return from.  Will she ever have her child or will her sorrow consume her completely?

Most of the movies that I’ve seen Misty Mundae in usually don’t have her as aggressive as she is in this movie.  She is really good at pulling off the shy type and she has no problems with the goofy girl type, but I wasn’t sure about her being this “serious”.  To my surprise she is able to handle the aggressive role with ease and makes her character a bitch but someone you can actually feel for.  Erika Smith does a great job as the mysterious woman next door.  Giving you peeks into what’s going on, but never too much.

The effects of the movie are very minor overall.  There are times when they look great, but there are also times where they just made me want to laugh.  It is kinda a bumpy ride in this category, but in the end they are pretty good and don’t take too much away from the movie.

In the end it’s Misty Mundae that really makes this movie great.  Now the story is actually pretty solid and nothing to laugh at.  There are some thought provoking moments and there are times when you really understand what Lilith is going through.  The camera is also used very well.  Director Tony Marsiglia makes good use of what he has and uses the camera to bring out the locations that are good and hides the ones that aren’t so good.  But as I said it’s Misty Mundae that makes this movie really awesome.

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