The Drudgeon reviews Voodoun Blues

Voodoun Blues 6 min., 2004
Written by Misty Mundae
Directed by Misty Mundae
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

Misty Mundae surprises me yet again.

* * *

So the movie begins with a woman (Misty Mundae) walking down an alley and another woman is following her.  She turns around and the woman is gone.  While at home the woman is having trouble sleeping as we see the other woman (Katie Bordeaux) performing a ritual.  The first woman starts having strange dreams that involve bleeding.  Is this woman, named in the credits the sorceress, behind the woman’s troubles or is it all in her head?

The acting is pretty solid in the short.  Misty Mundae is good as usual and Katie Bordeaux does a really good job at looking like she is in a trance.  Plus you have the use of the camera that is being shot at a fast speed (not being an expert this is really only a guess, if anyone wants to correct me please do) so that it makes her movements very choppy and pretty creepy.

Now when I saw that Misty Mundae is the director and the writer, I actually got a little worried.  I love her acting and I think she is very beautiful but there is a difference between acting and directing and writing.  She actually surprised me on all accounts.  She seems to be as comfortable behind as she does in front of it.  She makes good use of the film itself (a bit grainy and dirty) and she doesn’t try to push anything further than it needs to.

In the end this is a pretty interesting short that I never expected from Misty Mundae, but she really knows what she is doing.  I really hope she starts doing more where she is in control because I really think she could do some really great work.

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