The Drudgeon reviews Dying God

Dying Godaka Final Spawn
85 min., 2008
Written by Nicanor Loreti/Germán Val/Jean Depelley/Fabrice Lambot
Directed by Fabrice Lambot
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★★

A movie where Troma could just make it better.

* * *

The movie revolves around a cop named Sean Fallon (James Horan).  You see he has been having a really bad time because he wasn’t able to impregnate his wife, so she left.  Now he is running around having sex with hookers, running guns and dealing with a lot more questionable people, including a man named Chance (Lance Henriksen).  He shows up to a crime scene where a call girl has been raped and killed.  He isn’t sure who it is and starts to find out a bit more about who she is.  He meets up with Mary (Misty Mundae) and after having sex he shows her the pictures and asks about the dead girl.  She doesn’t know much, but a little later there is another body.  This time it’s kinda the same thing, where the girl is raped and during the act she is punctured from the inside.  This time we find out that whoever is doing this has more semen than is possible for a human to have.  Sean decides that this killer is stepping into his territory and starts his hunt to find him.  Is this killer a human or much more?

Misty Mundae is great and Lance pulls in a fine performance (then again it’s fucking Lance), everyone else is just blah.  James Horan actually pulls off the dickhead cop pretty well, but there are times when he seems to lose steam and forget his character.  In fact that’s what happens to most of the actors in the movie.  They seem to stop caring about what they are doing and they are just trying to finish their lines so that they can get to the catering table for a snack.

The effects are…well…just bad.  I really think that Troma could have made more convincing effects than these guys.

This could actually be a really great movie if there was more love and a bigger budget.  The idea is actually really fun and the character are terrible enough that you enjoy them, but then you get to the effects and the acting which makes the movie take a giant nose dive.  Sadly that’s where we are left.  Then again it has Misty Mundae!

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