The Drudgeon reviews Night Of The Bloody Apes

Night Of The Bloody Apesaka La Horripilante Bestia Humana (Original Title)
81 min., 1969
Written by René Cardona Jr./René Cardona
Directed by René Cardona
Language: English
My rating: ★★★

A lucha film in the video nasties!?

* * *

So we begin with a woman named Lucy Ossorio (Norma Lazareno) getting ready for a wrestling match when you boyfriend Lt. Arturo Martinez (Armando Silvestre) walks in and helps her put on her mask.  We are then given the wonderful sight of a wrestling match where it ends in tragedy when Lucy throws the other wrestler, Elena (Noelia Noel), out of the ring and she get hurt really bad.  We also meet Dr. Krallman (José Elías Moreno) who is doing the surgery for Elena, but we learn that his son, Julio (Agustin Mtz. Solares) is dying and the good doctor kidnaps a gorilla from the zoo and gives his son the gorilla heart to heal him.  The transplant is a success, but the big problem is that Julio suddenly turns into a “monster” that starts to kill people.  Can Lt. Martinez figure out who the killer is or will Julio continue to kill?

Considering that the voices were dubbed into English, it’s actually pretty odd trying to get a really good reading on the acting level.  You can go off of their facial reactions or their body language, but then you hear the awful dubbing and dialogue and you really can’t take it all that seriously.  One thing that I learned before I actually watched the movie is that when they dubbed it into English, they actually did it word for word and didn’t take into account how it would sound in actual sentences.  So the dialogue is (at times) really bizarre or just really silly.  Then again the whole movie is a little silly.

Considering that the original didn’t really have any onscreen violence I was a little nervous about the splicing of newly recorded material into an already finished movie (remember no computers for that back then).  My fear was pretty much confirmed as I watched the movie.  Don’t get me wrong the gore scenes are actually really awesome, even with the age attached to them, but you can tell exactly when it’s one movie and when it’s the other.  Back in the day it probably wasn’t even noticeable, but with the quality of DVD it’s pretty painful to see.

The interesting thing about this movie is that when it was originally released in Mexico, it was given a G (or the equivalent of G) rating, but then they decided to add some nudity which jumped it up to an R rating.  Then America got its hands on it and thought it would be a good idea to add even more scenes (which were mainly gore) and then release it again.  So it is actually the American cut of the film that is the video nasty and not the original.  So I watched the American cut, Night Of The Bloody Apes.  I liked it, but I can understand people hating it.

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