The Drudgeon reviews Don’t Go In The Woods

Don't Go In The Woodsaka Don’t Go In The Woods…Alone!
82 min., 1981
Written by Garth Eliassen
Directed by
Language: English
My rating: ★★★

It’s fun because it’s terrible.

* * *

A group of four friends, Craig (James P. Hayden), Ingrid (Mary Gail Artz), Joanne (Angie Brown) and Peter (Jack McClelland), are heading into the forest go to a remote cabin.  Craig seems to know his way around and tries to teach everyone how to survive in the wild but no one is really paying attention, especially Peter who seems more interested in complaining than anything else.  While they are making their way to the cabin people are being killed all over the forest and usually in a very gruesome way.  You see the big problem is that there is a crazy person (Tom Drury) running around and they don’t like people being in their woods.  With the crazy person killing everyone in sight, will Peter and friends make it out alive?

The acting is really all over the place in the movie.  There are times when it’s really great and the characters make their roles very believable, but then there are times when all of the acting falls pretty flat and you just cringe whenever someone reads a line (main culprits being Ken Carter and Laura Trefts).  The only real exception to this is when it comes to Tom Drury who plays a great maniac.  I’ve seen people playing crazy people and they can’t seem to keep the feel for a crazy person.  They smile at the wrong time or the character does something that really doesn’t fit.  This time around, Tom Drury is great from his first appearance to his last.  He looks like a crazy mountain dweller and he also acts like one from beginning to end.

The effects range from extremely silly to just awesome.  Most of the time you laugh when someone gets a knife in the back or when someone gets a spear in the shoulder, but there are a few scenes of greatness that will not be forgotten.  The fucking bear trap scene is one of those and it is still great today.

So the big problem with this movie is that I really don’t know how seriously to take it.  For the most part it comes off a pretty serious but then there are scenes that pop up that really have a silly feel to them.  On top of that there is a sizable amount of silly music that plays throughout the movie.  I’ve heard both sides of the argument about if it was supposed to be serious or not and most of the time when I hear a director talking like that I chalk it up to them making an excuse for a bad movie that is unintentionally funny.  This time I actually think he was going for more fun than serious and that is how I will take it.  It’s really a fun movie with some good moments of gore and violence, and the ending is great.

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