I’ll never get tired of hurting you, Eddie [Coming attractions: Week of July 1, 2013]

Coming AttractionsNext week’s movies:

  • Blood Hook [John]
  • The Cannibal Man [Jori]
  • 8MM [Lackey]
  • Faces of Death [The Drudgeon]

Next week’s TV:

  • The Walking Dead: “Prey” (S3E14) [Blick Tolkien]

Next week’s features:

  • Interview with Michael Berryman (The Hills Have EyesThe Devil’s Rejects) [Jori]
  • Blood on the Net

* * *

Richard MathesonThe horror genre lost a true titan this week with the passing of author Richard Matheson at the age of 87. He was a prolific writer and a full accounting of his work would take up too much space–basically, if you’ve been interested in horror for more than a couple of years, you’ve either seen or read something he had some involvement in–but here are a few of his career highlights:

  • Short stories including “Born of Man and Woman,” “Button, Button” and “Prey”
  • Novels including The Shrinking Man, I Am Legend, A Stir of Echoes and What Dreams May Come
  • Teleplays for The Twilight Zone (17 in total for both the original series and the 1985 revival, including “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” and “The Invaders”), Star Trek (the classic “Enemy Within”), Thriller and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour; also the miniseries adaptation of The Martian Chronicles
  • Screenplays for The Night Stalker, Duel, Trilogy of TerrorTwilight Zone: The Movie and many of the AIP/Roger Corman Poe adaptations
  • The source material which served as the basis for The Omega Man, Real Steel, and the Masters of Horror episode “Dance of the Dead” (the latter adapted by his son Richard Christian Matheson, an accomplished horror writer in his own right)

He was highly regarded as an author, serving as an influence on Stephen King (whose novel Cell was jointly dedicated to him), Anne Rice, George Romero (Night of the Living Dead was inspired by I Am Legend), and television producer/writer Chris Carter (who named a recurring X-Files character after Matheson) and many, many more.

His legend in the genre cannot be overstated and he will be missed greatly.

Check out Forced Viewing’s reviews of Matheson’s work.

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