The Drudgeon reviews The Manniac

The Manniac 121 min., 2005
Written by Barry More/Lee Anthony
Directed by Lee Anthony
Language: English
My rating: ★

Take the worst parts from a horror movie and the worst parts from a porn and you have The Manniac.

* * *

The story of this movie follows a man by the name of Manni (Barry More).  He gets picked on by his friends (really great friends) about his sex life.  He goes down the street ranting and raving about something and he ends up peeking into someone’s window (actually he is standing at a backdoor) watching a couple having sex.  There is an extended porn scene and the movie kinda continues down this path for a while.  He watches people having sex or masturbating (with fruits, vegetables or candles) and then he kills some of them and has sex with their dead bodies.  Will he ever get to have sex with a living woman or will he only get his kicks from the dead?

The acting in the movie is just terrible.  Even worse is the acting during the sex scenes are just boring.  No one really seems to care what they are doing.  When most people are having sex they usually look like they are enjoying what is going on, but not these people.  They just look bored as shit.

The effects are on the level of a Kevin Strange movie.  I love Kevin Strange and his movies but the big difference is that Kevin’s movies are actually fun to watch and any cheesy effects that may happen completely work.  Most of these effects jump out at you and yell about how small the budget was (or that they gave all their money to the people having sex).  Really sad.

There are a few things you have to understand about this movie.  First it was only released in Germany.  Second there were only one thousand five hundred copies made.  Lastly they never gave the movie subtitles.  So I had the pleasure of watching this movie pretty much guessing what was going on (thank you Wikipedia for helping to fill in the blanks).  Did it really ruin the movie all that much?  Nope.  The movie did that to itself.  The effects are really cheap and cheesy and that is pretty much fine for me, except that you combine that with really poor acting and boring as dirt sex scenes and all you end up with is a really sad combination of sex and violence.  Move along and ignore this train wreck of a movie.

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  1. John Bruni says:

    Come on. Everyone knows Germans don’t enjoy JUST having sex. There has to be something weird about it for them to have fun. Maybe if the girl was fingering the guy’s dickhole. That might put a smile on his face. Or if he was dipping her head in a bucket of feces. That might please her.

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