The Drudgeon reviews Flying Monkeys

Flying Monkeys 86 min., 2013
Written by Silvero Gouris
Directed by
Language: English
My rating: ★★

Forget the flying monkeys, Skippy is the only reason to watch the movie at all.

* * *

We begin on a plane that is taking some questionable cargo to America.  Wang (Alvin Chon), one of the pilots, hears some strange noises from the back and has the other pilot check it out.  He is killed by some strange winged creature.  Wang goes to check it out and sees the dead body of the other pilot and the creature.  He gets back to the cockpit and delivers the cargo which is now a normal monkey to Rudy (Matt Cook), a pet store owner.  We then meet Joan (Maika Monroe) who is graduating from high school and her always late father James (Vincent Ventresca).  She is upset and to try and make her happy James goes to a pet store and buys her a monkey who she names Skippy.  Everything seems fine until Joan’s boyfriend Jason (Zac Waggener) gets upset about not getting into her pants and leaves her.  Later that night Skippy turns into the winged creature, kills Jason and the next morning Skippy is back to being the normal monkey.  Will anyone realize that Skippy is a shape shifter or will everyone die?

So the acting of Flying Monkeys is just rotten.  Everyone is so stale and lifeless that you really don’t care when anything happens.  They can be happy or terrified and it really doesn’t matter because they are pretty much the same expression for everyone in the movie.  Then you toss in the terrible dialogue and you have a disaster like you wouldn’t believe.  The worst of the group is Boni Yanagisawa who played a character named Yin.  She has just one expression on her face throughout movie and that was like she had a really bad fart that’s locked into the prison of her ass.  Wow, just terrible.

Now the acting is really bad, but the CG is on a whole new level of terrible.  Now I understand that to make flying monkeys terrifying it would be really had to do that with practical effects, but I think they should have used “real” up close and CG from a distance.  Then when they do close-ups of them it would be cringe inducing.

This movie is just pretty darn bad on every front except for one thing.  Skippy!  Skippy is a real monkey and is one of the cutest monkeys I’ve ever had the chance to lay my eyes on.  He is the only reason to watch this thing.  But he is a great reason, especially when he crawls into his bed and takes the blanket and covers himself except for his face.  So fucking cute the movie gets a star solely for him.

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  1. John Bruni says:

    Who the fuck buys a monkey for someone as a gift?! Well, maybe if you’re a sit-com character trying to get your friend into a wacky situation . . . .

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