The Drudgeon reviews Klown Kamp Massacre

Klown Kamp Massacre 84 min., 2010
Written by Philip Gunn/David Valdez
Directed by Philip Gunn/David Valdez
Language: English
My rating: ★★★★

I never thought that clowns could be so much fun.

* * *

The movie begins from the view of a handheld camera and a man, Edwin (Jared Herholtz), talking to his mom.  The man is really upset because he just killed a bunch of other people.  You see he really wants to make people laugh and he goes to Bonzo Ranch Clown Camp.  Well it’s been fifteen years and Bonzo Ranch is reopening its’ clown camp and there are a bunch of new clowns ready to train.  Among them are, Puff (Chris K. Payne), Philbert (Ross Kelly), Buzter Pie (Isaac Kappy), Squirts (Sandor Gattyan) and Valerie (Ashley Bryce).  As the days go by they “learn” about the finer points of clowning, but there is someone in the camp that is killing them off one by one.  Is Edwin back to stop the clown camp or is there someone new that just doesn’t like clowns?

With Troma releasing this movie what can you expect from the acting?  Actually I was really surprised at how good the acting was and that everyone fit very well into their parts.  The movie has “all” of the standard clowns that you can think of, from the regular ones that “talk” with a horn, to the magician clown and they even toss in their version of a Juggalo (and they even poke fun at the favorite drink of ICP, Faygo with Frugo).  The actors play well in their roles and are a lot of fun to watch, especially Isaac Kappy and Chris K. Payne.  They just seem to be really into their characters and every time they are on the screen they just steal the scenes.

The effects are exactly what you would expect from a Troma movie.  Cheesy at times and great at others (maybe I shouldn’t say great) and it completely works in the movies favor.  Normally I just don’t find clowns funny, but it’s just all-around fun when you see clowns dying.

Considering that this is a Troma Team Release I was expecting something really terrible, but to my surprise it is just a really fun movie.  The acting really fits the feel of the movie and the effects work for exactly what the movie is going for.  On top of that the ending is a lot of fun too (it may have been done before, but it’s still really funny).  If you like Slasher movies, clowns and some cheese they you really should check this one out.

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